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yes there can :)

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Q: Could there be a tiebreaker in a tennis game?
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How do you solve triple tie in tennis?

there should not be a tie in tennis. If you are playing a six game set and get to 6-6, or an eight game set and get to 8-8, then you go to a tiebreaker

What is A decider in a game called?


What is the most commonly used tiebreaker to determine the winner of a set in tournament tennis in which each player has won six games?

The most commonly played tiebreaker would be a 7 point tiebreaker at 6 games all.

Which tennis grand slam doesn't have a tiebreaker in the fifth set?

The US Open is the only Open in which there is a tiebreaker. The rest (Australian, French and Wimbledon) do not have a tiebreaker, but have the rule of set score, difference of 2, after it has reached 6-6 in the final set.

How some sets are won with 7-5 in tennis?

When you play a set in tennis (normally it's best out of three sets, or first to two. Except in Grand Slams for the men, then it's best of five..) it's first to six game, and you have to win by two games. So because the people who created tennis didn't want the game to be endless, they decided, once the score was 5-5 someone could win by two still. So they could win the next game and make it 6-5, and then break their opponent's serve and win 7-5. But if the opponent holds serve, then the score will be 6-6, and a tiebreaker is played. A tiebreaker is normally first to 7 win by two.

What do you call it when it's the last game to break a tie?

A tiebreak or sometimes a tiebreaker.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

How can a set in tennis be 7 to 5 and 7 to 6 in the same match?

If a set gets to 5 to 5, then they play two more games. If someone wins both games, he wins the set 7 to 5. If each player wins one of the two games, then the score is 6 to 6 and they play a tiebreaker (first to seven points, but you have to win by two), and the winner of the tiebreaker wins the set. When you win a set in a tiebreaker it basically counts as one game, so you win 7 to 6.

Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

Is there a list of tennis words?

Here's a list of the objectives: rally, tiebreaker, ace, forehand, backhand, fault, doubles, and lots more! Search it up! :P

Which is the term used in lawn tennis?

There are many terms used in lawn tennis. Some of those words are volley, ace, baseline, break, advantage, fault, let, set, tiebreaker, return, serve, set point and receiver.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

What is another word for tennis game?

Another word for a tennis game is a match.

When did Tennis - video game - happen?

Tennis - video game - happened in 8801.

When was The Inner Game of Tennis created?

The Inner Game of Tennis was created in 1974.

What are the rules of Wimbledon tennis?

Generally, the rules of tennis at Wimbledon are the same as in other Grand Slams or tournaments (games go 15, 30, 40, then game; 6 games in a set). The only noticeable differences are that in the fifth set, there is no tiebreaker (which resulted in the longest match in the history of tennis between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner) and that to win, the player must win 3 out of 5 sets.

Where would a tennis game be played?

on a tennis court

Is there a tiebreaker in Olympic individual swimming?

If some one gets the same time, there is swim off or a tiebreaker.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tiebreaker - 2014?

The cast of Tiebreaker - 2014 includes: Bo Welch as Father

When did the game of tennis start?

The modern game of tennis originated in England in the 19th century.

What is a tennis tiebreaker?

In tennis, a tiebreaker is used when neither player can win a 6-game set by two games. The first remedy is to allow the opponents to play a seventh game, if doing so can possibly result in a two-game difference (7-5). If the extra game results in a tied score of 6-6, the opponents must play a tiebreaker to determine who wins the set. Players use a standard tiebreaker of 7 points to decide a set, meaning the first person to score 7 points, by a difference of at least two points over the other player, wins the tied set. In reality, the score often goes well beyond 7 points if the two players are competitive and closely matched. The set score is then recorded as 7-6, with the actual number of points each player won during the tiebreaker shown in parenthesis. Tiebreakers follow an unusual pattern of play: The first person serves from the deuce position, or the right side of the court. After the first point, the first player gives the ball to the second player, who serves from the ad position, or the left side of the court. The second player then moves to the right side and serves again. After the first serve, each opponent is allowed two serves before exchanging the ball. Opponents swap ends of the court every 6 points until someone has won. In women's tennis, and in men's tennis below pro-level, a match consists of winning two of three sets. If one player wins two consecutive sets, the game ends without playing the third set. If each player wins one set, they are said to have "split sets," and either play a third set for the win, or go directly to a super tiebreaker. The club or tournament director decides which option to use in official play; otherwise, the opponents decide. A super tiebreaker is played the same as a standard tiebreaker, except that one opponent must win at least 10 points, with a difference of two points over the other player. The result of a third set super tiebreaker is recorded as 1-0, with the actual number of points each player won during the tiebreaker shown in parenthesis.

Where did table tennis originally come from?

The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis. When lawn tennis became very popular in the 1870s & 1880s, game makers tried to emulate its' success by developing indoor versions of the game. David Foster of England introduced the first action game of tennis on a table in 1890. The game of table tennis has its roots in lawn tennis.

What is the origin country for tennis?

The modern game of tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late 19th century as lawn tennis and had connections to the ancient game of real tennis.

Object of the game table tennis?

The object of the game of table tennis is to be the first person to 21.

When was Tennis - video game - created?

Tennis - video game - was created on 1984-01-14.