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No. It's too hot in the Bahamas and you'll need snow for the skiing and Snowboarding events (that's why it's called snowboarding- you ride the board on snow). Even if you tried to import snow from somewhere cold and dump it on the Bahamas, it would probably melt because the Bahamas is too hot for snow. Plus, the Olympics are often held in large cities. I don't know if Nassau would be big enough to hold the Olympics (you'll need alot of hotels to accomodate all those atheletes and visitors) and a lot of free space to build the necessary buildings and other things required for the Olympics.

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No! because it is so hot there. Even in the winter


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Q: Could the Winter Olympics ever be held in the Bahamas Why or why not?
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Could the winter Olympics ever be held in the Bahamas?

no it cant be held in the Bahamas

Why does the winter Olympics ever be held in the Bahamas?

No, it is too hot in climate

Can the winter olympics ever be held in the bahamas why or why not?

Well, the answer to that is no. The Winter Olympics can't be held in the Bahamas because the Bahamas don't compete in the Olympics at all. If my brain serves me true, the answer is listed above. Hope this helps!Answered by Miss Know It All. :)

Why can't the winter Olympics ever be held in the Bahamas?

The reason it is called "winter" is that some of the sports need snow or ice. There is no snow or ice in the Bahamas so they can't be held there.

When did ski jumping became a winter Olympics sport?

Ski jumping has been a Winter Olympics sport since the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924.

Did Romania ever host a winter Olympics?


Was basketball ever in the winter Olympics?

No, it wasn't.

Winter Olympics 2012?

Ever since 1994, the Winter Games and the Summer Games of the Olympics are no longer held in the same years. The last Winter Olympics were the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and the next are the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Have the Olympics ever been in Germany?

Yes. The summer Olympics in 1936 and 1972 and the winter Olympics in 1936

Was Apolo Ohno ever a gold medalist?

yes twice in the 2002 winter Olympics in the 1000 and in the 2006 winter Olympics in the 500.

Did the Bahamas ever host a winter or summer Olympic Games and if so what year did they host it?

The Bahamas has never hosted an Olympic games.

Was the 1924 Olympics winter or summer?

Both. The first ever Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France in 1924. The 1924 Summer Olympics were held in Paris, France.