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An elderly person in a wheelchair could play Basketball, although probably not very well. But nothing would prevent such a person from throwing a basketball at a hoop.

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Q: Could an elderly person in a wheelchair play basketball?
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Can you dribble and shoot a basketball forever like at an old age is that even too much for an old person not play a pick up game just shooting around and dribbling?

As long as you have the strength you can do it! The illnesses of age do affect your ability to play basketball, however, most elderly people could still play it, even they they could not play it as well as they could have, at an earlier age. There are some elderly people who are so disabled by paralysis or dementia that it would not be realistic for them to attempt to play basketball. Others remain relatively healthy to an advanced age, although even at best, we can expect that arthritis will cause some impediment. I will mention that golf seems to be more popular among the elderly (at least, whose who can afford it) than basketball. Swimming is also a very nice athletic activity that can be done at any age, and which causes less stress on arthritic joints than many other types of exercise do.

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