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there is none but you can hit an out of the park or home run

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Q: Code for home run in Wii baseball?
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What happens when you become pro in wii baseball?

Your bat gets shinier and also your home run effect is improved.

What happens when you become a pro in Wii baseball?

Your bat gets shinier and also your home run effect is improved.

How do you spell home run?

The baseball term is "home run" or coloquially "homer".

Is it a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole?

Yes, it is a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole.

Home run is to touchdown as baseball is to?

Baseball is to football

What does the exclamation point mean during Wii baseball?

It means your pitcher had a brain fart and threw the wrong pitch-- and you probably gave up a home run.

Are you supposed to mod your Wii with a burned Wii games?

Modding the wii will void the warranty, and you're not SUPPOSED to do it, but it is necessary to run almost all home-burnt games.

What is a run in baseball called when the player only gets home base at a time and not by a home run?

just a run

What is home run derby in baseball?

a home run derby is whoever hits the most home runs win

What is the value of an Ichiro home run baseball?

An Ichiro Home run ball is worth about $10.

In baseball if someone in the crowd catches the ball after hitting a home run are you out?

No, it is considered a home run.

In baseball what does hr stand for?

home run

What does HR stand for in Baseball?

Home run.

In what sport can you make a home run?


Why do you have to get a home run in baseball?

to score points

Who are the 3 all time league baseball home run leaders?

Who are the 3 time Major league baseball home run leaders

What does lead off home run mean in baseball?

It means you started the inning off with a home run.

What is a baseball solo shot?

a baseball solo shot is when a guy hits a solo home run, which is a home run when nobody else is on base when he hits it.

What sport used the lingo home run before baseball?

The suggestion that 'home run' was used in soccer has no supporting evidence. Outside of baseball, the only sporting use of 'home run' is as a synonym for 'home stretch' in athletics or horse racing.

Is a home run considered a hit in baseball?


What does the abbreviation HR stand for in Baseball?

Home Run

First sport using home run?


What sports use the term home run?


What is it called when a baseball is hit out of the park?

Home run

What is a walk off home run in baseball?

It is when the home team wins a game with a home run in the bottom of the ninth or in extra innings.