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Yes , the more you play the game of Chess the better the skills you develop .

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Q: Chess practice 2hours a day help you improve your play?
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Who could help on a chess move?

There are many ways to improve or get help on a chess game. * Getting a chess coach. * Visiting a local chess club. * Using the Internet, via free sites such as Yahoo! Chess, or more expensive but with extra features such as the Internet Chess Club (ICC), by visiting * Using programed chess software, available on CD-rom at you local electronics store. Fritz, Chessmaster, Chesster are popular softwares that can analyze, improve and even play you in chess games.

Is there a free online program that can help you improve in chess?

There are many programs! Try, where you can play against people from all over the world to practice or which is a favorite of mine. You can practice unlimited tactics and endgames! Just a couple of nice sites!

Does homework help or not help knowledge?

Any practice that you do -- such as homework! -- is going to improve your knowledge.

How do you improve your cheerleading?

To improve your cheerleading practice,practice,practice. I'm a cheerleader and I practice alot. Make sure you stretch first though. Also to help you do your dance practice in front of the mirror so if you see a mistake you can unmistake it lol.....

How can planning practice sessions help you improve on your own team sport skills?


What steps have you taken to improve your skills or performance?

There are a few things that can help a person improve their skills and performance. Education is a great skill builder. Practice, in anything you do will help as well.

How do you improve your Melbourne Shuffle tricks as in be more precise with your movements?

The only sure way to improve your tricks is to practice, watch videos or better friends maybe even get them to help you and just experiment with your style but the most important one of all is... Practice practice practice :)

How can a teenager use science to help improve his or her skills in a sport?

No science, practice and grow in strength

How can you improve your skill in tennis like a website would help?

you can practice the skills your coach had taught you

Why is training help you to do sports?

You train (practice) to help improve your skills and any areas where needing improving to help better them in any sports or studies.

How do you be better and improve on math?

The best way to improve your math is to practice it regularly. Even 20 minutes 5-6 times a week will help you.

Does chess help?

No doubt about it, it does.

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