Cfl gray cup winners

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Q: Cfl gray cup winners
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Who was the Most winners of the gray cup?

Edmonton Eskimoes

Who has the most CFL Grey Cup wins of all time?

Hank Ilesic and Bill Stevenson are tied with seven CFL Grey Cup victories. Jack Wedley also was on the Grey Cup winning team seven times, but that was in the days before the CFL. My father was on six Grey Cup winners and one losing side. Again, that was before the CFL. Seven different players are tied for most Grey Cup appearances, with nine.

What connects Andy gray jimmy greaves Brazilian ronaldo?

All scored in cup winners cup finals

Which teams have won Grey cups in the Canadian Football League?

All of the present teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL) have their names engraved on the Grey Cup. Two former CFL teams were also Grey Cup winners: Ottawa Rough Riders and Baltimore Stallions. Several other non-CFL teams have won the Grey Cup, but none since 1944.

How much money does a CFL team get for winning the grey cup?

In the 2010 Grey Cup Game . The winners ( Montreal ) received $16,000 each and the losers ( Saskatchewan Roughriders ) received $8,000 each .

How many Grey Cup games have there been in the CFL?

The Canadian Football League (CFL) was founded in 1958. The Grey Cup has been in the exclusive possession of the CFL since then. The Grey Cup Game has been played annually in the CFL since 1958. Currently there have been 97 Grey Cup Games

When did UEFA Cup Winners' Cup end?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup ended in 1999.

When was UEFA Cup Winners' Cup created?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was created in 1960.

When did Arab Cup Winners' Cup end?

Arab Cup Winners' Cup ended in 2002.

When was Arab Cup Winners' Cup created?

Arab Cup Winners' Cup was created in 1989.

When was African Cup Winners' Cup created?

African Cup Winners' Cup was created in 1975.

What trophy does the CFL play for?

grey cup

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