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yes. do celebrate.

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Q: Celebrate after scoring a touchdown in college?
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How do you spell touchdown?

That is the correct spelling of "touchdown" (a football scoring play).

What is the eating gesture celebration after a touchdown?

It symbolizes the person scoring the touchdown is "feeding" his teammates or ensuring when he "eats"(scoring the touchdown), they all, as a team, eat. Hope that explains it!!

Is an extra point a touchdown?

No. The extra point is what a team attempts after scoring a touchdown.

How do you play professional football?

by throwing a ball and scoring a touchdown

Who went to Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown?

Ravens I Think

Who did the Soulja Boy dor the Dallas Cowboys after scoring a touchdown?

Terell Owen Did

Do NFL player get paid for scoring A touchdown?

yes they get paid extra money

Can you score a field goal without a touchdown in the NFL?

Scoring a field goal in American football cannot be done in conjunction with a touchdown. They are two independent ways of scoring. You may have meant can you score an "extra point" without a touchdown. In American football, extra points (1 or 2 depending on type of play), can only happen in conjunction with a touchdown. In Canadian football, they may be scored under circumstances not related to a touchdown.

What two things do you have to do after a touchdown?

give the ball to the ref and celebrate

After scoring a touchdown a team can choose to do what?

Go for to points or kick a field goal for one point after the touchdown this field goal is known as an extra point.

What is the person to throw the most touchdown passes in a college career.?

Colt has thrown the most touchdown passes in a college career

What did Terrell Owens do with the football after scoring his touchdown on Thanksgiving Day?

He dropped it in the salvation army pot.