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Q: Carmen needs at least 86 points to pass Karissa's score Karissa has 631 points How many points does Carmen have?
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Who are some famous people who have the name Karmen?

There are many celebrities in the world that share the name Carmen. The first person that comes to mind is Carmen San Diego! Followed up closely Carmen Electra of course and last but not least Carmen from the the movie The Three Amigos!

What is the least number of points you need to make a line?

2 points

Who decided the points of the compass?

I do not have the least of all idea's "who dicided the points of the compass?... do you?

Is s three is the least number of points that can be used to define a plane?

yes, three points in the least number of points that can be used to define a plane. if you used two points you would only have a line, and one point is a point

How big are kam Carmen s tits fox news?

Looks to be at least DD's. Money well spent.

A line contains at least one point?

A line contains at least 2 points.

What is the least points Steve Nash scored in a game including University?

6 points...haha.

How do you find the winner in uno?

you total up the points and th person with the least points wins

If you scored 16 22 and 24 points in 3 basketball games what is the least number of points you must score in the next game to average at least 20 points per game for the four games?

18 pts

How much does an iPod touch cost at the least?

You can buy them with aeroplan points (Wich is free, if you have the points to buy it, its how i got mine!), Or at some stores you can get them for about 80 dollars at the least.

Does intersection of 2 planes always contain at least 2 points?

YES. The intersection of two planes always makes a line. A line is at least two points.

What is non colinear point?

non collinear point or points? no collinear points are points not on the same line. keep in mind that you have to have at least 3 points to make that happen.