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Q: Captain of 1948 Indian football team in the Olympics?
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When did India participate in Olympics for first time?

1948Indian football team first appeared in 1948 Olympics.... and last in 1960.Read more: Which_year_did_Indian_football_team_made_its_first_appearance_at_Olympics

Was London the host for the 1948 and 1948 Olympics?


When did Jamaica first compete in the Olympics?

I think that Jamaica first competed in the Olympics in 1948. I think that Jamaica first competed in the Olympics in 1948.

Who held the 1048 Olympics?

You probably meant 1948, not 1048. The 1948 Olympics were held in London, UK.

When did the India football team first appear in the Olympics?

That was the 1948 Games in London. France defeated India, 2-1. to eliminate them from medal competition.

When do the para Olympics start?

1948 Summer Olympics in London

When was the last time that the UK hosted the Olympics?

London in 1948.

What are the differences between the 1948 Olympics and the 2012 Olympics?

The 1948 Olympics were in 1948 and London 2012 are in the year 2012 and the number of athletes, the number of women, the number of sports and the number of countries and a few other things.

Who were Football League Champions in 1948?

Arsenal were the Football League Champions in 1948.

What 2 countries did not take part in Olympics in 1948?

Germany and Japan were not allowed to take part in the 1948 Summer Olympics.

What are the release dates for Football Magic - 1948?

Football Magic - 1948 was released on: USA: 4 September 1948

What are the release dates for The Wooden Indian - 1948?

The Wooden Indian - 1948 was released on: USA: 31 December 1948