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NCAA football members may wear tinted visors only under special conditions. Documentation from an ophthalmologist and/or neurologist must be obtained by the member to prove the need for tinted visors.

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Q: Can you wear tinted visors in NCAA?
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Are tinted visors allowed in the CFL?

Yes, tinted visors are allowed in the C.F.L.

Are gray visors allowed in youth football?

No you can not wear tinted visors in youth because its only for medical reasons

Can NFL quarterbacks wear tinted helmet visors?

Yeah, Mike Vick buddy

Can you wear a chrome tint visors in a football game?

No you can not, you can wear a tinted visor and get a doctor's note but not a chrome one.

Can tight ends wear visors?

Under NFL rules, any player may wear a visor as long as it's untinted. Special approval (and usually a doctor's prescription) is required for tinted visors. NCAA (college) and NFHS (high school) rules go a little further in that they also specify that the visor must be "rigid" (and, as far as I can tell, there's no provision whatsoever made for tinted visors; the visor must be clear and untinted). However, they don't place any restrictions on which positions are allowed to wear them.

Are dark tinted visors allowed in Texas high school football?

They are not allowed in texas. But you can wear a clear visor.

Are you allowed to have tinted visors in pop warner?


Why do dealers wear visors?

The reason dealers wore clear tinted visors was because they were able to see marked cards when looking through them. You may notice that many card discard racks are made from a clear tinted material, it's the same reason as the visor.

What are football visors made of?

Football visors are made up of the same material that tinted windows are made of. By.

Are tinted visors allowed in Utah high school football?

I recently stumbled across your clearly defined explanation for players to only wear clear visors on their helmets. I also understand that it is the same in the NFL. Players are not allowed to wear mirrored or tinted visors. Recently about a year or two ago I remember hearing of Miami Dolphin's running back getting fined because he was wearing a "sunburst" design visor. The only exception to these rules that I was able to find, was mentioned in a recent article stating that tinted visors can only be worn with special permission from officials. Now this article referring to the NFL rules.

What brand of visors do NFL players wear?

Majority of NFL players wear oakley visors.

Is there a material that you can alternate between transparency or tinted and can it be used for a helmet visor?

Visors and sunglasses are typically used to block out the sun. You can usually wear either or both even while wearing a helmet. Sunglasses and visors come in a variety of tints and colors.

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