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"Football cleats give you more support in the midsole than soccer or Baseball cleats," says Joseph Skiba, equipment manager for the New York Giants. "This helps with lateral movement and with things like taking hits or making tackles." With a sturdier feel than a soccer cleat, football cleats keep your feet and ankles from turning. This allows for quick movements and helps keep your feet under you when tackling, blocking or taking hits. So it's probably fine to wear football cleats for baseball or soccer, but you shouldn't wear baseball or soccer cleats for football.

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Q: Can you wear the same cleats for youth football and baseball?
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Are baseball cleats the same as football cleats?

No there is a difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. Football cleats are used for traction and are screw in type, where as baseball cleats are not they are put there for keeps they also are longer in size. here is a site that explains what I am saying but better

Can you wear plastic baseball cleats to play football?

Football cleats are heavier and more supportive, whereas baseball cleats are lighter. Baseball cleats can use metal spikes, while those are not used for football cleats. Studs on baseball cleats tend to have the same length, while for football cleats, the length varies. :D your welcome !

Are soccer cleats and football cleats the same?

no it is not

What size are the cleats on football cleats?

The sizes are the same as any shoe.

Is there a difference between football cleats and lacrosse cleats?

they say there is so there must be but there almost exactly the same some its not really worth buying lacrosse cleats if you already have football cleats

How do I turn regular shoes into football cleats?

You can't. Football cleats are not the same as regular shoes - The outer sole of the cleat has the female end of a screw. Different sized cleats, depending on conditions and/or the type of playing surface, can be screwed into the cleat receptacles.

Can you wear metal cleats in football?

Metal spiked cleats serve the same purpose as plastic or rubber spikes on cleats. Metal spikes have been deemed illegal in the sport of football because they were causing unnecessary injuries to other players.

How do I buy the same football cleats the pros wear?

Go to Dick's sporting goods or Academy Sports.

A baseball cleats the same as soccer cleats?

Nah, Baseball cleats have a toe spike in the back so that when you bat the ball you don't trip. If it is used in soccer then when you kick the ball you will get the toe spike stuck in the dirt. Also, Soccer shoes are more sleek so that you can run faster. Baseball cleats are mainly mean't to run on the gravely dirt at baseball rings.

What kind football cleats does Adrian Peterson wear?

NIke Super Speed 3/4 D I have a pair of the same ones myself and I play tailback really sweet cleats...

What is the difference between soccer boots and soccer cleats?

Perhaps this has been lost in translation. In the UK we call them football boots, in the US they are soccer cleats. Same thing, different name.

Are soccer cleats and track cleats the same thing?


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