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Q: Can you wear hair ribbons in WIAA volleyball?
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What do people wear on Christmas?

I wear a dress and sometimes I put ribbons in my hair.

What does a volleyball player wear at a game?

They would wear their uniform, which includes their jersey, spandex shorts, kneepads, long socks, volleyball shoes, and their hair tied up (IF required by coach).

What do sporty girls wear to school?

I don't know,sometimes they wear ribbons in there hair and wear their uniforms to school.You should try looking at the girls that play sports and stuff...

How can you wear your hair in volleyball?

I'd just wear a ponytail or a messy bun with a headband, if you're going for a bit of a sporty edge. If you want to look pretty but tough, wear your hair down, or a low- side ponytail.

How can a girl wear her hair without putting it down?

try using plaits and pony tails and add ribbons and bands in your hair too. you could tr a high bun or even a loose one.

Why did snowball tell mollie she could not wear ribbons in animal farm?

ribbons= clothes=human=bad

You were in the army and switched to the marines what ribbons can you wear from the army?

Check the Marine Uniform regulations. They will specify what ribbons you are authorized to wear from the Army. Medals awarded are normally going to be allowed, but ribbons that don't come with medals probably won't be.

Do you have to wear ribbons with the dress blues charlies?


What are those ribbons they wear at the pageants?

it is called a sashes

Can you wear gloves in volleyball?

yes you can wear gloves for volleyball cause ur hand will turn reder if u dont wear gloves

What masks do Indonesian dancers wear?

they wear different type of masks they are colourful with beads and ribbons

How many ribbons can you wear on Navy dress unifroms?

as many as your recived,