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I suppose you could wear cheer shoes if you really wanted to but people might judge you as a wanna be. Also you don't just see people wearing cheer shoes all the time - only at cheer practice since they can get dirty easily.

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Q: Can you wear cheer shoes even though you are not a cheerleader?
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Why do people even do cheer leading?

I'm a real life cheerleader.It's that feeling when your team comes out.Its amazing.Most schools require cheerleader to have a C or above.So dont hate

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What does an alternative cheerleader do?

You are still considered a cheerleader if your an alternate, even if you do not cheer at games, or are not competing. If you practice with the team and have enthusiasm towards cheerleading, then you are considered a cheerleader. Alternates are so very important in cheerleading and can be so helpful if someone was to become sick/injured.

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What type of skills do you need to become a cheerleader?

You need to be flexible and be able to cheer people on even if they're doing terribly. Gymnastics helps with the flexibility, and optimism and a generally cheery personality help with the second part.

In yr9 when you get your choices what should you take on in school to be a professional cheerleader?

There are no specific high school courses that are geared towards becoming a cheerleader. For individuals wanting to pursue a career as a professional cheerleader they should enroll in dance classes such as jazz and hip hop as well as gymnastics. They should also join a cheerleading squad.

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