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No you cant wear beads in your hair in a game of netball for safety.

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Q: Can you wear beads in your hair when playing netball?
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What do netball players wear while on court?

we wear clothes like skirts and top and netball shoes

Are you allowed to wear jewelry for netball?

No you are not allowed to wear jewellery whilst playing neball. The umpire must also check the players for jewellery before they take to the court. If you wish you may play with a medical alert braclet or wedding ring, but they MUST be taped. Wearing jewellery is a hazard to yourself and other players when playing netball. I don't think so but its probably not a good idea anyway. NO you cannot wear jewellery playing netball its is a safety hazard and can hurt you and people playing on court Yes that's true, you can not wear jewellery while playing netball or training for that matter because you can hurt yourself and/or people playing with you. It may be called a non-contact sport but there is a lot of contact. You have to have your nails short, so when you look at the palm of your hand you cant see your nails at the end of your fingers. if you wear sleeper earings people's fingers can get caught

What do you wear for 60's apparel?

A flowered top with bell-bottom pants and beads. Long hair and a beard (for men) also works.

What are netball bib?

netball bibs are something for you to wear so you can know what team you are in and what position you play

What is a good way to wear your hair while playing softball?

In a ponytail

Why does Guru Nanak Wear Beads?

to prayer on

What can you wear with your neon tutu?

I would wear a black vest top, with black leggings or tights, plimsoles and wacky hair and make up. Buy loads of neon beads and hair stuff. Also you could get some legwarmers and neon gloves! Hope I helped :) :) have fun :) :)

Why do netball girls have to wear skirts?

Frustratingly no, it's usually not allowed in schools or netball clubs and boys have to wear shorts instead. I wish it weren't, because I'm a boy and that's what I wear when I practice at home, with netball knickers underneath. The skirt keeps you cool when your running around and netball knickers give more support than regular boys' underwear. At home I play well, but at school in my shorts I get hot and flustered and usually lose to the girls I'm playing against. I wish we could wear netball skirts, it'd make it easier to play against the girls.

Did Native American men wear beads?


What type of clothes do the Arawaks wear?

they wear body paintings and beads and grass skirts

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Yes, Black Beard did have beads in his beard which each represented something different.

Why do latin kings wear beads?

Latin Kings wear beads to signify their rank and status within the gang. The color and design of the beads can represent different meanings or achievements within the organization. Additionally, wearing beads is a way for members to show their loyalty and commitment to the Latin Kings.