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if you do a speedwalk... maybe they go pretty fast

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Q: Can you walk as fast as swimmers can swim 1500 meters?
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Do Jack Russell terriers swim?

yes they are fast swimmers

Are sharks very fast swimmers?

Yes they are, they can swim up to 2.4Km

Are turtles fast swimmers?

Some turtles are indeed fast swimmers. These turtles will often swim in rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, and seas for example.

Can you walk 500 meters in seven minutes?

Yes, many swimmers can even swim 500 meters in 7 minutes.

Why do swimmers need to swim faster?

you just need to have confidence and cup your hands when you swim move your legs as fast as you can and that should do it.

How fast do dolphins swim 100 meters?

i dont no

What is the record for the most swimming laps in 1 minute?

Swimmers do not have to try and swim as far as possible in a given time, but they swim a given distacne as fast as they can.

Do European swimmers swim in the left lane?

Yes European swimmers tend to swim in the left lane :)

How do olympic swimmers train?

they swim and they swim a lot

How fast do marlin swim?

Marlins are relatively fast swimmers. They are capable of reaching speeds of 50 to 80 mph. Some experts believe they are the fastest fish on the planet.

How fast do koi swim?

Koi are generally slow swimmers unless they are being preyed upon or are ill. If your koi is swimming fast or erratically, check for signs of illness or injury.

How fast should a 15 year old boy swim 1500 meters?

I apologize for the last answer. A fifteen year old boy doesn't necessarily need to swim 1500 meters in any amount of time. It really depends on who you are. If you normally swim, then you might be able to do this in a twenty minute time period.