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Yes, if the king is in check, the next move must take the king out of check. You do not necessarily have to move the king, you could take the attacking piece, or block the check by moving a piece in the way.

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Q: Can you use some other pieces in chess to prevent check?
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How many pawns and other chess pieces are there?

there are 32 chess pieces on a board and 16 of them are pawns

How do you play chess also where do all the pieces go?

to play chess the pieces need to be moved about and take other pieces from your opponent and and they go on a board call a chess board

Can you take chess pieces by passing over them?

no. you can only strike them out with other pieces

What pieces in chess has the power of jumping over pieces in the intervening squares to an unoccupied square within its range of movement?

Only the knight has this power/ability to jump over other chess pieces .

Can your king kill other pieces in chess?

Yes, your king is able to capture other pieces only if they are unprotected by your opponent.

What are the most common chess pieces on the chess board?

The most common chess pieces are pawns since there are 8 of them per side, and 16 of them per set, compared to other pieces that have 2 per side, and 4 per set.

Where do we keep the king in the chess?

When not playing a game the kings are kept with the other chess pieces in a box so that they do not get lost.

Have Gun Will Travel why a chess knight?

The Knight is the most versatile of chess pieces being capable of movement in 8 directions as well as over other chess pieces . Paladin is also a reference to the virtues of a knight .

How many pices are on one side of the chess borad?

There are 16 chess pieces on side of a chess board. Each player receives the same number of pieces and must eliminate the other player's king to win.

Does playing chess require more pieces then required in the set?

Occasionally playing chess requires more pieces than required in the set, when pawns are promoted to other pieces when they reach the 8th rank.

What is the biggest chess piece?

The king; it is larger than all other pieces.

Do you have to say check in chess?

no, but it messe with the other guy

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