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I would suggest not to, but if you absolutely have to use shoe string to do it, use dress shoe lace, much more like the sidewall string used for Lacrosse sticks

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โˆ™ 2013-06-08 21:40:24
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Q: Can you use shoe strings to lace the mesh on a lacrosse head?
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How do you string a lacrosse head with 7 diamond mesh?

What i do is get a traditional lacrosse stringing kit. Put 2 leathers into the ends of the mesh and lace the sides traditionally.

Can you die the mesh on your lacrosse head?

yes you can just take the shooting strings out and die it

How do you put a mesh on a lacrosse stick head?

You use nylon strings called sidewall and tie knots and loops to string the mesh into the head.

How do you make a old beat up lacrosse stick look nicer?

Replace the mesh,shooting strings,sidewall strings, dye the head.

What supplies do you need to string a lacrosse head?

mesh, shooting strings, sidewall, and two other nylons for the top and bottom

What is a sidewall on a lacrosse stick?

the strings that hold the mesh to the side walls of the stick

What is lacrosse mesh?

Lacrosse mesh is the stringing in the head. they come in a variety of colors and patterns. there are also specific ways to string your head for attack, midi, and defense.

Can you dye a lacrosse head with the mesh?

Yes you can dye the head with the mesh in it but the dye will spread faster in the mesh then in the plastic and it will only be the darkest color you dye your head (if multi-colored).

How do you attach a lacrosse net?

This is difficult to answer in words. I would suggest looking up on youtube. Essentially the side strings are threaded through mesh and then through the head, lashing the mesh in place. I don't know if that may be different with hard-mesh or leather pockets.

How do you dye a lacrosse head without getting the mesh dyed but keep the mesh on while dying it?

You cant

How do you string lacrosse shooting strings?

you wrap it half and half around the left side of the mesh and braid them in

Are lacrosse heads dishwasher safe?

Just the head probably with mesh no

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