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Q: Can you use metal shells in an airsoft revolver that comes with plastic shells?
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Where the plastic comes from?

the plastic come from......... you answer it.....

What kind of airsoft battery comes with a well D-94 airsoft gun?

dont get that gun walmart has the best beginer guns

Are rc airsoft tanks illegal in australia because airsoft guns are?

Check with local officials before trying to construct, or purchase, an RC Airsoft tank. Airsoft was banned in Australia because the guns look like real firearms. As for the legality of a non-replica projectile launcher that happens to fire plastic BB's, my research hasn't turned anything up. When it comes to being unsure if something is legal, or not, it is best to assume it is illegal.

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Pistol that comes with the mossberg m590 airsoft?

It is called the Mossberg 45 Pistol.

Which group of plastic does acrylic come from?

It comes from the plastic family as it is known to be plastic.

What batttery should you use as a replacement for the m4 3181 airsoft gun?

I would stick to the 8.4v Ni-MH one it comes with and buy a duplicate because if you use something stronger you'll fry the plastic gearbox.

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Plastic does not come from trees. It comes from oil and natural gas. The majority of commercial plastic comes specifically from petroleum and fossil fuels.

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