Can you use drop kick on punt?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes , it's still legal. If you have the balance and co-ordination to get more accurate distance this way, go for it.

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Q: Can you use drop kick on punt?
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What is the difference between a drop kick and a punt?

A drop kick needs to hit the ground before it's kicked , where as a punt does not

What are synonyms for boot?

kick, punt, drop-kick

What are all randy orton's moves?

Scoop Slam,Spike DDT,Punt,Drop Kick....

How do you punt in soccer?

A punt is basically a kick but you use the tip of your toes. Punting is rarely recommended.

Can a punt be used as a free kick following a fair catch?

No ... the free kick following a fair catch is used to score a field goal, therefore, it must be a place kick or a drop kick.

Can you punt a basketball?

you can kick a basketball but the deffinition punt is impossible

Why do they call it football if you use your hands?

People use their feet to run with the ball, and to kick it, and to punt it.

Why is there no drop kick in the Afl?

Because if you do a drop kick it is classified dropping the ball No, that's not right. With the exception of a set shot at goal (which has never really improved over the years) a drop punt is far easier to master in the field of play. Particularly on the run.

How do you kick afootball?

It depends, if you want to punt or kick. if you want to punt you put it in your hands, then kick it. if you want to kick it you set it on the floor and get your foot and hit the ball with your foot, that means you kick it.

Is Batista still in hospital from that punt kick?

He never was in the hospital for the punt kick he was in the hosptial because he had surgery on his hamstring.

What is the answer for punt is to kick as pass is to?


What is the difference between a field goal and a after point in football?

A punt is when the kicker drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground. You cannot score any points on a punt (unless the receiver muffs or fumbles the ball, making it live). A field goal must be kicked off the ground, either by place-kick or drop-kick, and must travel between the uprights to score. A place-kick is where a holder places the ball on the ground for the kick. A drop-kick is where the kicker does not use a holder, and instead drops the ball and kicks it when it touches the ground or as it bounces off the ground.