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Generally the rules of the softball league will tell you which bats are able to be used. You may want to check those first. Other than that, yes a fast pitch bat can be used. There are a fe people on my co-ed league who do this and have had no problems for 3+ seasons witht he same bat.

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Q: Can you use a fast pitch softball bat in slo pitch softball?
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What are the differences between softball and baseball?

There is a main difference between softball and baseball. First... obvious softball is played with a bigger ball. SEcond, is that the pitcher pitches underhand in softball and over hand in baseball. Many people or at least guys believe that baseball is better than softball, its more traditional and has been around longer. WEll i tell you what, softball is just as hard if not harder than "baseball". Softball goes alot quicker too. Ok, let me refraise my self, fast-pitch softball is at least as hard if harder. However, slo-pitch softball is not hard ot play while it does require skill, it does not require fast hand eye coordination when hitting the ball. Someone who goes from hitting the ball at 60 mph+ some to hitting the ball at 20 mph or less will prob miss the ball 8 out of 10 times for swinging too fast. Thus concluding that there are major yet minor differneces between softball and baseball, and which one is better is up to you... just depends on basically what sex you are, or what you basic opinion of the matter is. I am not trying ot be sexist, just statin the facts. ====================== The pitching for softball is always under hand. In baseball, the pitching is over hand. There is a fast pitch and a slow pitch in softball.

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What help would be needed? In fastpitch softball it is legal to hit a pitch that touchs the ground 1st. In slo-pitch, then the ruling should be a foul ball. ---- It is also completely legal in MLB and little league baseball as well. In USSSA softball, if a pitched ball strikes the ground before crossing home plate not only can the batter legally hit the ball, but any runners on base may immediately leave their base and run toward the next base. If the batter does not swing and hit the ball, it is called a ball and the runners must return to their bases.

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