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Q: Can you use a catchers helmet as a batting helmet?
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What the equipment in baseball?

For a typical fielder just a glove, bat , helmet, batting gloves and cleats but for catchers the require a chest protector knee pads catchers mitt and catchers helmet

What equipment do they use for baseball?

for catchers, the use knee pads, a chest protector. a helmet and a catchers mitt other players wear a hat and have a glove

What Equipment is used in baseball?

== ==Uniform includes: hat, jersey, baseball pants, belt, socks and cleats (metal or rubber)fielding equipment: glove (several different types for different positions)batting: helmet, bat, batting gloves, shin guard, elbow guard.catching: catchers helmet (helmet + mask or goalie style) chest protector, leg guards, catchers mitt.

Can you wear a plastic catchers mask in baseball?

YES... a batters helmet is "plastic"...

What are the things use in the softball game?

At least nine players per team, six infielders and three outfielders, an unpire (referee), three white bases, home plate, a bat, a softball, cleats for your feet, a leather glove, a batting helmet, batting gloves (optional), knee pads (for sliding), catchers gear (shin guards, chest protector, helmet)

What safety equipment do you need in baseball?

Glove, batters helmet, if you are not a catcher. Optional are a groin cup, teeth guard, batters glove & face guard. Catchers require chest & leg protectors, catchers helmet and mitt.

What safety equipment must be worn by a softball catcher?

usually catchers wear a chest pad, leg pads, and a helmet, and they also have a catchers glove

In Michigan high school baseball does the catchers helmet have to be a one piece instead of the old school helmet and face mask?

No... you can have the two piece helmet. I see them in use all the time, just that the one piece is becoming more popular because of confort and looks.

Why don't catchers wear batting gloves?

They do, when they bat.

What Equpment is worn for softball?

if you are playing in the feild All players need a mit but the catcher MUST wear a chest protector, helmet, knee savers, and a helmet. When you are batting, you wear a helmet and use a bat. Some people choose to use batting gloves and a slider but they are NOT NESSACARY.

In Virginia high school baseball does the catchers helmet have to be a one piece instead of the old school helmet and face mask?

According to the VHSL rules the catcher must wear a 1 piece helmet

Do the eastern woodland native Americans make dream catchers?

did they use dream catchers

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