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Q: Can you unlock rosalina on Mario power tennis?
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How do you unlock Paratroopa in Mario Power Tennis Wii?

Beat the Mushroom, Flower & Star tournaments in doubles to unlock Paratroopa on Mario Power Tennis \

How do you unlock Petey piranha in Mario Power Tennis?

you have to do something

What characters can you unlock on Mario power tennis?

Wiggler, Fly Guy, Petey Pirahna,and Paratroopa

When did Mario Power Tennis happen?

Mario Power Tennis happened in 2004.

How do you unlock petty piranha in super Mario power tennis?

win 10 tournaments coming in thirst

How do you unlock fly guy in Mario power tennis?

Clear the mushroom, flower and star cups in singles mode.

Will there be a new Mario power tennis?

yes, there will be a Mario power tennis for nintendo gamecube and wii

When was Mario Power Tennis created?

Mario Power Tennis was created on 2004-10-28.

Can you be baby Mario in Mario power tennis?

No, Baby Mario is only in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Console

Is there a Mario Tennis for wii?

next year they (the ppl who make games) will release it + it is called Mario POWER Tennis

Is Waluigi married?

No but unofficially he does love Rosalina (and so do the unofficial characters baby Waluigi and baby Rosalina) and before Rosalina (Mario Kart Double Dash 2003) he was more as a Mario character and came in the Mario series more at the same time as Princess Daisy (she was casted out longer though and came before Waluigi) and since then throughout the rest of the GameCube series they showed some sought of affection to each other (even though Lugi and her were to be) and had partnership name from Mario Power Tennis , "Awkward Date". They often have the same height and statistics in games. But anyway I think when Rosalina came they fell.

Who is the best character in Mario power tennis?


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