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No. You can't but on Figure Skates you can get wheels put on them and then you will have Roller Skates

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Q: Can you turn your roller skate into an ice skate?
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Do you need to know how to roller skate to ice skate?

not necessarily.... i learned to ice skate first and then i was a pro roller skater. It doesnt really make a difference.

Did Michelle Kwan ever roller skate before she ice skated?


Does r-way skate center have ice skating?

no its a roller rink

What do people sell in a skate shop?

skate boards roller blades helmets skis ice skates

Can you transfer ice skates to roller?

I guess if you took off the blade and put on wheels you could but you cannot roller skate in ice skates

Can you call roller skate as roll skate?

No, the proper term is roller skate.

How are in-line skates roller skates and ice skates alike?

I used to play roller-hockey. I was always told that if you could skate in in-line skates you could ice skate. The balance and weight distribution is the same.

Can you do ice skating if you are wearing roller baldes?

most people ice skate with rollerblades. Just FYI

Where do people skate?

well it depends whether you are rollerskating or ice skating because if your ice-skating you skate in ice rinks or even in the winter on frozen lakes or ponds but if your roller skating you skate in skate parks or in parks or on the path or even the road

What are the similarities and differences between ice skates and roller skates?

They are both good for health and pretty easy after lots of practice. The only difference is that in ice-skating you can only skate in ice rinks, while roller-skates have specially designed indoor rinks and you can skate outdoors. But not on ice.

What year did Tara Lipinski start skating?

Tara Lipinski started to roller skate in1985 and started to ice skate in1988

Should 'Roller Skate' be written as one word two words or hyphenated?

Roller-skate, as a verb, should be hyphenated. Roller skate, as a noun, is not.

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