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Q: Can you trade a player and a draft for a player can one team send the player at the end of the season?
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Can you be 33 yr old and get draft in the NFL?

The draft is where college players go to the NFL. However you can tryout for NFL teams, if the coach likes what he sees he'll send you to pre-season training camp.

What is a rule 5 player in professional baseball?

The Rule 5 draft occurs every MLB offseason. Players eligible to be drafted must meet two selection criteria:1) They are not on their parent team's 40 man roster.2) They were signed by the parent team at 18 years of age or younger and have been with the organization for 5 years OR were signed by the parent team at 19 years of age or older and have been with the organization for 4 years.The Rule 5 draft is like any other draft with the draft order going from the team with the worst won/loss record to the team with the best won/loss record. Any player selected in the Rule 5 draft must stay on the selecting team's 25 man roster for the entire season after the draft and costs the selecting team $50,000. If the selecting team decides it does not want the player to stay on their 25 man roster for the full season, they must offer the player back to the original team for $25,000.Once the player stays on the selecting team's 25 man roster for the full season, the Rule 5 designation goes away and the selecting team has the right to send the player to the minors or to trade the player.

How do you send item in Pokemon pearl or diamond?

Give the item to a Pokemon and trade it with another player

How could a southern soldier get out of the draft?

There was no draft in the south. A man could send a substitute to fight for him.

What is the draft of a letter?

It is the rough copy that you do not intend to send.

If you save an email in your draft and the send button is grayed out how do you send the e mail?

I had the same problem and the only way I found to get the send button back was to sign out of the email, log back in and go to the draft and the send button was back.

How do you draft en email?

Click on the choice "draft" near the top of the page when ur looking at the email. when you dont send it it tuns into a draft

Where do the Seattle Mariners draft picks happen?

In Seattle. Major League Baseball holds its draft while the season is still going on. Teams can't afford to send their key people to New York City for three days in the middle of June, so the draft is conducted via conference call.

How did New York overcome the draft riot?

It had to send in the troops.

How do you sell your ultimate 11 team on fifa 11?

go on the player and press send to trade pile then go on the trade pile and put it up for what you want

What does it mean to draft an email?

[noun] preliminary version of a written work so a ruff draft of what you would send.

Why did 12 states send delegates to philidelphia in 1787?

To draft the constitution.

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