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Q: Can you throw it back to the keeper from a throw in?
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When it's a throwing in football are you allowed to throw it back to your keeper?

no. your not aloud to its bad,,..... and u should not do it or you will get desqualified

How can you beat the gate keeper quest im lv 18 rogue?

baby just get artix and valencia then use final strike on the gate keeper and then use holy on the gate keeper then use throw on the gate keeper then after the gate keeper,s turn use rappid attack on the gate keeper then use attack on the gate keeper then use throw on the gate keeper then keep on reapeeting step 2

Why do cricketers throw the ball in to the keeper when there is no need?

To kill the ball making in it a deadball

Can a goalkeeper catch a throw in?

Yes. A goal keeper may score a goal directly from a throw (not a throw-in) or a punt.

Defender back passes to keeper?

If a defender passes the ball with his feet to the goal keeper, the goal keeper may not touch the ball with their hands.

Can a soccer goalie score a goal with his hands?

The laws do not prevent a goal from being scored from a goal keeper's throw.In practice no goal keeper can throw it that far, so there are no known examples.

Can you give back your pet to the shop keeper on Fantage?

No you can't.

What kind of fish is a keeper?

Keeper simply means that it's big enough to keep (and eat) as opposed to being thrown back in.

What to do when your neighbours throw their rubbish into your garden?

Throw it back in theirs ..

What is the name of the keeper for Currituck Island Lighthouse?

There hasn't been a lighthouse keeper at Currituck Island Lighthouse since it was automated back in 1939.

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and it comes back to you?

In order to throw a snowball as hard as you can and it come back to you, you must throw the snowball straight up into the air.

What does I am the keeper of my brother's shadow mean?

you'll always have his back no matter what