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Garmin Approach is a Golf GPS. It is a handheld electronic that helps with your game of golf. You can measure the distance between your ball add destination. You can also punch in the scores to keep track. They may be a little expensive but can surely help you step up your game. So yes, the Garmin Approach does have something to do with Golf.

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Q: Can you tell me what Garmin approach is?
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Will a Garmin Approach GPS help judge the distance from the fairway?

The Garmin Approach GPS will help you in being able to tell the distance between you and another object by an alert that sounds when you are too close.

What are the advantages of the Garmin Approach?

The Garmin approach has many features that are tweaked a little better than other competing companies. I am sure you can find a less expensive brand and be just as satisfied but if you want the best you will pay the extra money for the Garmin Approach which also has a nice touch screen. Garmin is backed by a good warranty and their popular name. You can check reviews on Amazon for the product and most often which reading the reviews you will find someone who has owned some of the other popular brands.

Can personal notes be added to a Garmin Approach GPS?

Yes there is a way to add personal notes on the Garmin Approach GPS system. Look under the settings tab and you should see a selection for "notes". It's very easy to find.

Where to buy Garmin approach s1 GPS watch?

The Garmin approach s1 GPS watch is a more portable alternative to the traditional car based GPS system. The portability of the GPS watch is its biggest advantage. Unfortunately it does not have all of the capabilities of a car based GPS system.

Does Amazon carries Garmin approach?

Yes Amazon does carry Garmin approaches. but be careful of which one you buy because they can be the wrong one or in bad condition. Also you could try to buy it from

What are the benefits and features of a Garmin Approach?

Garmin offers a good blend of advanced features at reasonable prices. There new interface is easier to use. Unlike other systems, Garmin offers in addition to street name announcements, voice command recognition, and touch screen capability.

Working With the Garmin Approach GPS?

The Garmin Approach GPS is technology at it's finest. If you've ever wondered how you can benefit from GPS technology, you won't ever have to worry about getting lost again with this device. Featuring the latest in advanced satellite technology on it's site, this GPS device will have you wanting to know when you can buy it.

What is a garmin gps and how do I use it?

A Garmin GPS is a device that will allow you to go on trips without using a map. It can track your movements and tell you what turns to make to get to your destination. All you do is type in the address of the place that you want to go to, and it will tell you the way to get there.

What is Garmin eTrex?

Garmin eTrex is a line of GPS's put out by Garmin.

How do I install a Garmin GPS USB?

On this website you can find the manual for your device, it should tell you how to install your Garmin GPS USB.

What is a sentence with approach?

Tell the pilot to make his final approach.

Can you tell that where are the 60 km per hr roads?

Some GPS devices will tell you,such as garmin-it will also depend which model you buy or have.

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