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yes you can tap a ball when you are playing

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Q: Can you tap a soccer ball while you are playing?
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How does the game soccer start?

you simply tap the ball forward to your teammate

What is a Matthews in soccer?

A Matthews in soccer is where you lightly tap inward, but then tap outward. If you need an instructions on how to perform a Matthews, please watch this YouTube video on how to do it:How to Play Soccer : Soccer: MatthewsMove

How do you score good goals is soccer?

Well. I have been playing soccer for 4 years. I have scored about 25 goals and I always do it the same way; I practiced real hard at soccer practice then I tried kicking really hard. You need to place the ball in the corner. If you have a hard kick then put it in the low left corner. If you have a high kick then put it in the high left corner. Also I do something called an outside tap to get around the defender. You can look this up on YouTube. It is very helpful. Good Luck on scoring a goal!!!! Sorry guys but there is no YouTube video for the outside tap checked it myself. SORRY!!!!!

Can one have a spinal tap while on plavix?

can you have a spinal tap while on Plavix

How do you place an easel in Sims 3 Ambitions?

First you have to click on the little diamond button in the corner and scroll to the right. When you get to your inventory page, tap on the easel and it will ask you if you want to place it or delete it. Then just tap on a green square and you have your easel. P.S this is also how you place a soccer ball, a fire hydrent, a guitar, and pots.

What part of your foot do you use to tap?

You use the ball of your foot.

What are some characteristics of tap dancing?

Well there is brush brush down where you brush the ball of your foot forwards along the ground and then backwards. there is tip where you tap the tip of your toes on the floor behind you. there is tap step ball change where you brush your bal of the foot forwards then tap the toe then step back on the other foot on the ball and then step forwards with the full foot.and many others.

How do you do a bicycle kick in FIFA for psp?

ok when your wing go near the end of the field were there would be a throw in and early cross it full power and while the ball is in the air move your player up so that his back is facing the goal with the ball in front of him and shoot

What is the name for when you tap the ball in softball?

Well that is certainely called a bunt

What is the NAME of the SOUND of a ping pong ball hitting a table?

A Tap.

How do you solve level 16 on 100 doors of revenge?

just tap the ball and release, but in some cell phones exists a bug with the ball. The ball disappear

In touch football what are 3 situations that result in a penalty tap and a roll ball?

Tap: dummy half caught, off site, change over