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Q: Can you take weight taken out of a bowling ball?
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How do you take weight out of a bowling ball?

You could theoretically drill the holes REALLY deep...but you'd be better off buying a lighter ball.

How does the weight of an object affect the way it falls?

The weight of an object does not affect the way it falls. In a vacuum, objects of different weights fall at the same rate due to gravity. In an atmosphere, air resistance can affect the rate at which an object falls, but the weight of the object itself does not play a significant role.

What 3 types of actions a rolled bowling ball can take?


How many cups of flour and water to make a bowling ball?

If one were to sculpt a solid weight bowling ball from the suggested paper mache, it is likely to take at least 5 cups of water for a 5-pin bowling ball and at least 16 cups of flour for a 10-pin bowling ball. Consider in order to solidify the mache mixture, that each of these measurements will need to mix at least twice as much water, over the flour.

Why do rain clouds move faster?

Rain clouds can move faster due to stronger wind patterns at higher altitudes that can push the clouds along more swiftly. Additionally, the weight of the water droplets in the cloud may contribute to the cloud being carried along at a faster pace by the wind.

Is a bowling ball grams or kilograms?

Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of weight. According to the Wikipedia article, "they generally range from six pounds to 16 pounds in weight"; in kilograms, that would be about half this amount (roughly 3-8 kilograms).

How long does it take to make a bowling ball in a factory?

It takes about a couple of hours

Where can you find Baffle the Bear in Donkey Kong Country 3?

Baffle the bear is in K3 (the snow world) when you find him, take the package to Blue. He will give you a bowling ball. take the bowling ball to Bridgegar Bazooka bear and he'll fire it off

In bowling what is an Overseas Release bowling ball?

If the ball is USBC certified then you can use it, even if it isn't certified who's gonna if you don't take it to any tournaments

How long does it take to make a bowling ball?

Depending on the specific ball and materials, it could take 2-5 hours.

Can you burn a bowling ball?

Bowling balls are made from different materials - either plastic, urethane or resin. Depending on which type you have, it may be possible to burn a bowling ball - but you would sure be making one heck of a toxic waste.

How does the weight of a bowling ball effect how many pins it knocks down?

Because a heavier ball has both more mass (weight) and inertia (resistance to being deflected), it's more likely to drive through the pins and cause them all to fall.As strange as it sounds, on a textbook strike, the bowling ball itself only touches four of the ten pins. But it imparts energy to those pins, causing them to ricochet in a predictable pattern that causes them to take out the other six pins.The heavier the ball is, the more energy it transfers to those four pins, and the more likely they are to carry out their job. Of course, this assumes the ball isn't too heavy for the bowler to throw; since Force = mass x acceleration, a lighter ball thrown harder can hit the pins with as much (if not more) power than a heavy ball thrown slowly.