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Q: Can you take two steps from the pivot in basketball without dribbling if a pass or shot is attempted before landing?
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What is called when you move without dribbling the basketball?


Does a basketball assist require that the player shoots the ball without dribbling?


How many steps are allowed to take without dribbling in basketball?


Why is it important to dribble the basketball?

If you don't dribble the basketball, you can't move anywhere. If you move without dribbling the basketball, that is traveling.

In basketball What do you call the foul when a person moves without dribbling the ball?


What is it called when a basketball player advances the ball to himself without dribbling?


When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

What does travel mean when playing basketball?

It means you take the ball and run without dribbling it

What is the travel in basketball?

A travel in basketball is when you stop and you move with ball that is a travel. A other example is when you move with the ball without dribbling

What does a basketball do in a basketball game?

The basketball is the most valuable object in the game. You will need to work its way down the court by dribbling or passing without double dribbling, travelling, going out of bounds, and fouling. Your goal is to place the ball in the the net and yell BUCKETS!!!!!

What is a walk mean in basketball?

It means to travel. It is when you take too many steps without dribbling the ball. Or when you take too many steps after you stop dribbling the ball.

Do you need to dribble the basketball before you take a shot?

No, there is no rule that says you must dribble the basketball before you can shoot it. But you may not take any steps with out dribbling the ball, if you do "travel" with the ball without dribbling the referee will whistle a penalty.

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