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No - the only time you can replace a piece is when you have advanced your pawn to the end of the board and you have the option of promoting that piece to any other chessmen other than with the king itself . You may not 'take' one of your Chess pieces .

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2011-12-14 03:25:42
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Q: Can you take one of your pieces in a chess game?
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Can you take two pieces in one turn in chess?


Can a bishop take 2 pieces in one move in chess?

No, it can only take one piece.

Can bishop eat three chess pieces together in a single move?

No, each chess piece can only take one in a single movement.

What are some metaphors in Breaking Dawn?

one metaphor is on the cover. the game of chess represents the choices Bella has to make and the consequences even one misplay could have. if she chooses one path others may die as, figuratively, chess pieces do. her live is so interconnected with the lives, pieces, of the other players. also as chess pieces have different ways of moving and abilities so do the vampires. it is explored deeply in breaking dawn the powers of many of the vampires, like the chess pieces they all have different abilities that contribute to their part of the game.

How many black pieces are on the board at the beginning of a game of chess?

There are sixteen black pieces on the board at the beginning of a game of chess, and the same applies to the white pieces. Both armies consist of eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks*, one queen, and one king. * Also referred to as castles.

Are there other games like pawn tactics?

There are many variations of the game of chess. You can play a type of team chess called bughouse, a one-on-one version of bughouse called crazy-house, there is blitz, which is speed chess. There is backwards chess, where you set up your pieces on the opposite side of the board, so that pawns are only one move away from promoting, there is sideways chess, which is the same thing, just the pieces are lined up vertically on the sides of the board, and there is suicide chess, where you must make a capture if there is one available, and the point of the game is to lose all your pieces, including your king.

What is considered travel chess?

Basically travel chess is the game of chess that one plays while traveling, typically placed on a magnetic board using magnetic board pieces, it is the same game, just on a different, less luxurious, set.

Can you capture your own piece in chess?

No, you cannot. It is illegal to take one of your own pieces on any move.

What two pieces stand on either sides of the King in a chess game?

The King has a Queen to one side and a Bishop to the other.

What two pieces stands on either sides of a king at the start of chess game?

Queen on one side, bishop on the other.

Is a bishop allowed to take two pieces at a time in chess?

No. Any chess piece can only take one of the opposing pieces at any one time. That's not to say that you can't setup a fork, where your bishop attacks two pieces at the same time, or a pin, such as when the opponent can't move the attacked piece out of the way, but the end result is that you only take one piece at a time.

What two pieces stand on iether side of a king at the start of a chess game?

The Queen and one Bishop are at the side of the king in a chess game. For the white king, the queen is at his left. For the black king, the queen is at his right.

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