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i dont think you can because its a "gun"

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Q: Can you take a paint ball gun from the us and bring it back to Australia?
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to bring back the inasent people who died

Can you ship a paint ball gun to Australia?

Yes, you can ship to Australia if you declare it as a firearm, and go through that process, also note that Air tanks must be disassembled if you want to ship them.

What is the best paint to use on a soccer ball?

It is not advisable to paint a soccer ball. If it is a quality leather ball, any kind of paint would degrade the surface.

What are the official rules of dodge ball?

step 1 you have to dodge the ball and if the ball hits you your out.step 2 if you catch the ball you bring back a player ,and if the other team has no people standing they loose

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Yes you can get a paint ball gun in a winchester! See.

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once a team crosses 1/2 court with the ball (towards the hoop they are shooting on) they may not bring the ball back across 1/2 court.

What is the fastest ball sport?

Paint ball

Are paint ball guns allowed in schools?

No. You may not bring any paintball equipment to anywhere besides paintball facilities, and your own property, especially schools.

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Krylon Fusion paint

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What channel is paint ball on?

Paint ball isn't an official game/sport, so, it's not on TV at all. Unless someone dies in public because of playing paint ball, then, it might make it in the news. Or watch the show 'America's Funniest Videos' (AFV) and keep an eye out for a video on paint ball.

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no any one 10 and older can have a paint ball gun

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attempt to fake out the defender just like you would on a jumpshot. go up for the layup and bring the ball up high with both hands (grip it tightly) and right when the defender jumps and swings his arm to block it , swing the ball down in a circle (clockwise or counter) this point the defender can no longer block it so now bring the ball back up and lay it up as you always would... and dont be afraid to get bumped becuase more than likely the defender will either back up so a foul isnt called, or he will bump you hard which will cause a foul anyways!

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Once the ball reaches beyond the pin deck, it is directed, by a series of wheels, pulleys or belts to a chute and rail where the ball uses gravity or mechanical assistance to bring back the ball to the ball return.

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paint the tama with a translucent arcrylic paint~

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yes it is possible to spray paint a styrofoam ball. before spray painting a styrofoam ball, you must take a wet papertowel and smoothen out the styrofoam ball with it.

Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun