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However, rules state a pitcher must pitch one complete at bat before being taken out of the game (unless the pitcher gets injured and cannot continue). So, as long as the batter being pitched to is not the first batter the pitcher is facing, the pitcher may be removed in the middle of the count.

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Q: Can you switch pitchers in the middle of the count?
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What is a pitchers count?

A pitchers count is when the pitcher is leading the count and not the batter he is facing. (ex. If the count is 1-2 it would be a pitchers count because there are more strikes then balls.)

Can you change pitchers in the middle of an at bat?

yes you can change pitchers anytime you want

Does the strike count get reset when you change pitchers during an at bat?


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Does it count as a visit to the mound if you change pitchers between inning and go out to the mound?


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Is a stolen base count against a pitchers ERA?

No, only runs scored unless it was home plate that was stolen, in that case, yes it would count.

Why make the double switch in baseball?

The double switch is generally made to change the batting order. If the pitchers spot is due up the next inning switching two players allows the manager to decide which of the two will bat in the pitchers spot.

What math do athletes use?

Baseball players have to figure out there batting average. Baseball pitchers have to count how many pitches they do, there is a limit.

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Can an uninjured pitcher be substituted in the middle of a count?

Yes, pitchers and hitters can be substituted at any time. Hitters can be substituted at any time, but unless he is injured, a pitcher must pitch to at least one batter before he can be taken out. A pitcher can be removed in the middle of an at-bat, however, if he had pitched to at least one hitter previously.

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