Can you stiff arm in lacross?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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no, that would be considered warding

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Q: Can you stiff arm in lacross?
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What is this short gray stiff hair growing out of my arm?

It is a short, gray, stiff hair.

What is the climax of fighting tackle?

stiff arm

Is it a legal play for an offensive player to stiff arm a defensive player on their helmet or face mask?

Yes it is. Some may claim that it is a offensive foul, but one can 'stiff arm' the defender to a certain degree. The refs will call it if the 'stiff arm' was somehow unfair or too much.

Why is lacross called lacross?

In French it directly translates to "the stick"

Is it illegal to stiff arm the opposing team in football?

No, it's not illegal.

When was Joshua LaCross born?

Joshua LaCross was born on July 8, 1976, in USA.

Who is Donovan Lacross?

it me

When did the Buick Lacross become available?

The Buick Lacross first became available to the public in 2005. Originally it was known at the Buick Allure due to the meaning of the word Lacross in Canada.

What is the MPG on the new Buick Lacross?

The new Buick Lacross has a MPG of 16 around town and 30 MPG highway driving. Be sure to also keep your Lacross well maintained to assure your great mileage.

How do you spin in Madden 11?

X is dive. A is stiff arm. Y is jump. So B is spin.

Can you stiff arm to the face in college football?

Yes you can, as long as you don't grab onto their face mask.

Can you stiff arm the facemask in high school football?

It's definately possible.. Legal? Who cares its worth it