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In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game you may not start a game with fewer than 7 players.

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Q: Can you start a soccer game with less than 11 players?
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A football match can start with less than 11 players in a side?

Yes, it's possible to start at minimum 9 players. Some football game requires 8 players to start the game.

How many kilometres run by soccer players in a game?

Midfielders have been known to run up to 10km per game. Defenders and obviously Goalkeepers; less.

Do soccer players pee in there pants?

Not normally. Anybody can accidentally do so. Soccer players are no more or less likely to do so than anyone else.

How many players does it take to play a soccer match?

The number of players it takes to play a soccer match depends on how many players you have to start with. However, for teams playing a normal 11 v. 11 game, there can be no more than 11 players on the field, and no less than 7 players. Sometimes, checking with the other coach is important to see if an agreement can be made about players. Keep in mind though, one player must always be designated as "goalie".

Can less than 7 players play in soccer?

If you're playing a friendly game, sure.. but in an organized professional game, no. Seven is the minimum for full field soccer, if you get a red card and end up with only six players you automatically forfeit the match with a 3-0 loss.

How many soccer player on American Soccer field?

The number of players on a soccer team is 11. Black10 says: The common number is 11, but you can play with 9-11, although it would be much more tiring. AHH yes. The minimum number of players on the field is 9. If you have less than 9 in a league game, the game will be confiscated.

Is cricket is better then soccer?

It is alot less popular in the ways that there are more soccer players and there is more soccer fans than cricket also.

Can you start a match with less than 11 players?

Normally, you can. But it is up to the ref. You guys may have to forfeit if you are missing too many. But yes, you can play the game with less than 11 players.

Why rugby players get paid less than football players even though rugby is more dangerous?

Football (soccer) started as a pro game much sooner and has been marketed world wide

Why is soccer a better game for young people than gridiron?

Soccer is a better game than football because it is a less harmful game.

What is the number of players on a soccer team?

At the beginning of the game, there MUST be exactly 11 players on one team, no more, no less, but the least players that can can be on a team is 7, but only on certain terms. A maximum of 4 players can get a red card on a team. From my understanding, you can't play with less than 9. Three red cards and you're out.

How much does a male professional soccer player earn?

Male Professional Soccer players salaries vary considerably depending on skill, position, team and country. i can only speak for European players so its probably much less for US players where soccer is not as popular. it can range from a decent salary of about

What are women soccer player salaries in Sweden?

The salaries of the women players is not listed. They would probably make a little less than the men players.

How many minutes does a soccer player touch the ball in a game?

a soccer game is 90 minutes, there are 22 players in the field, if you say that a player touches a ball 2/3 of the time, 60/22=almost 3 minutes. This is an estimate, for a striker will have far less ball contacts as a midfielder.

What is recreational soccer?

The term recreational soccer is applied to soccer that is played "for fun" by a variety of players who may or may not have the skill and ability to move "up" to competitive play. It is soccer at the "basic" level where all of the same things applied in competitive soccer (i.e., coaching, team practices, match scheduling, etc.) are all in place to provide a platform for anyone to play the game. Recreational soccer is played in all age ranges and across a number of venues. It may be used as a "training ground" for younger players who, when they are motivated and/or "discovered" by someone, will move to a competitive venue where a more "sophisticated" level of the game is played. That is not to say recreational soccer has any less "status" than competitive soccer, but that it provides an outlet for someone to play without lots of practices and the blocking out of more time to train and improve personal and team skills. Recreational soccer deserves our full support in all communities. There is no doubt that there are recreational players who might not have the skills and ability to play at the competitive level, but it could be argued that recreational soccer is played in the "best spirit" of the game of soccer. And this because there is nothing "at stake" in a recreational game; it is played purely for enjoyment. And in that light, recreational soccer reaches more players than competitive soccer does. It is recreational soccer that clings to the heart of the true soccer fan because it is played by "everyone" and does not "lock out" players with less skill or athletic ability like competitive soccer does.

What do beach soccer players get paid about?

It certainly depends on the league and team but probably no less than 1000 a week.

How much do soccer players get paid in Belgium?

Belgium footballers are plaid less compared to Italy , Spain and in england.

Which athletes get paid more basketball or soccer players?

That depends on who you are talking about. Prime time great athletes in soccer, i.e. David Beckham, get paid $50 million a year. Most soccer players get paid less than that, though, much less. A good basketball player gets paid around $20 million a year.

How many players in a volleyball team at the start?

There are always no more or no less than 6 players on the court at a time.

What is the origin for soccer?

The Soccer Sport originated in Great Britain also know as England. Students at a University started playing "The Beautiful Game" in a very different way that it is played today. The students played the basic way but their could be less or more players

How many players are on a netball team?

A maximum of 12 players in a team with 5-7 players on court (a game cannot continue with less than 5 players on court).

How many players are a loud on the field per team during a soccer game?

11 players on each team. Though teams can play with less if a player(s) gets sent off or all subs have been used but then a player gets injured and has to leave the pitch

How many players in a socer team?

Football (soccer) there are 11 players per side on the pitch at any one time.

Who gets paid more in south Africa rugby players or soccer players?

In South Africa Rugby Union Players are paid an average of four times that of Football players who in turn urn more or less the same as the Cricket Players before the IPL Cricket Tournament was formed.

How many players do you need to play soccer?

it matters with age 11 v 11 is how it is played at the professional level (i think) but it is less when it's u12 I belive it is 11 players (including goalie).