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Q: Can you stand on the side of a ping pong table while playing a game?
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What is RPG stand for in Games?

Role-playing game.

Playing a decent game of table tennis?

What is your question here?!

Who are the children who stand with the FIFA 2010 players while the national anthems are being sung before each game?

They are called mascots and they are from the country that the teams are playing in. for example: in the world cup when England are playing in south Africa they are south African children that stand by them.

What game can you find Joey and Chandler often playing in their apartment?

They're playing Fooseball (table-football).

Is rock band a good game?

its a fun game for a while. and then you stop playing for a while and go right back to playing again. so yes it is a fun game

When you turn of a computer while you are playing a game are you still in the game?

No you wont be.

Can the ps2 play music while on a game?

No, PS2's can not play music while you're playing a game on it. In fact, the only game console that can play music (for certain games) while you're playing anything in the PlayStation family, is the PS3.

Will it damage your games if you stand your xbox360 vertical?

No, but if you rotate the console from vertical to horizontal while playing a game you will scratch it, badly. I learned the hard way, the very same day I got my xbox.

What does the object of the game mean?

what you are trying to accomplish while playing

How do you take a video on a iPod touch while playing a game?


What are your rights while playing a video game?

Your rights while you are playing a video game are the same as if you were in real life, always be kind and curtious, and always follow the terms of use set by the corporation who owns the platform/game.

What does MMORPG stand for?

MMORPG stands for "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game." Your welcome :)