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yes, but make sure you sand it down with a thin grade sandpaper first. that way the paint will stick.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-30 03:43:29
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Q: Can you spray paint lacrosse handle?
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Can hairspray be used on a lacrosse head as spray paint?

No, hairspray is NOT paint.

How do you get spray paint of a lacrosse stick?

you basically scratch it off depending on what spray paint you use if you use a special spray paint to stick it may not come off!

How do you spray paint a lacrosse tick?

put a plastic bag over the part you catch with the simply spray it

Can you dye a lacrosse head over spray paint?

No. Never dye a head with spray paint the holes are going to get covered up and your gonna have to throw it out.

Can you spray paint a lacrosse stick?

ya go crazy, as far as i know there is no regulation about painting or otherwise coloring the head of a lacrosse stick

Is there an actuator like a pistol grip handle made for paint spray cans?

Yes, you can get a few different types at paint stores.

Can you spray paint a lacrosse head?

Sure! You'll have to get some paint that bonds to plastic. However, as soon as you check someone (metal object or another plastic object) the paint will chip off. Your best bet is dying the stick with stick dye (sold on many lacrosse websites). That is much more permanent.

How to paint car blinkers?

You can paint your car blinkers with spray paint. You can use any type of Marine spray paint. The spray paint should be water resistant.

How do you put spray paint in your hair?

Get the can of spray paint and point it towards your hair then spray. You don't put spray paint in your hair!!! The poisons can kill you!!!

Can you spray paint Nerf guns?

yes you can. Hand paint or spray paint.

What materials does Banksy use?

spray paint,sometimes normal paint and also the make of the spray is krylon spray paint.

What type of Krylon paint do you buy for Spray Paint art?

Gloss. You can use any type of spray paint for spray paint art, but be sure it is gloss.

What is the lowest temperature to spray paint?

the lowest tempture to spray paint is 30

How do you Spray paint good?

answer this question: how do you spray paint badly? then do the opposite. Of course, it depends what you are spray painting

How do you blend spray paint not car spray paint grafitti?

Uhm. You spray the colors you want to mix...

How do they spray paint grass on football fields?

i think they just get spray paint and spray it on the grass...hehe.....

How do you paint furnitures?

The best thing you can do is spray paint it. If you dont have spray paint you can get it at any type of craft store.:) If you dont want to spray paint then you should buy new furniture.

What is the best aerosol car spray paint lacquer?

Its not car paint, but Montana spray paint is definitely the best paint in a spray can. I dont think you will find actual car paint in an aerosol can, but I could be wrong.

What do paint sprayers do?

Much like the name implies, paint sprayers spray. Usually they spray paint.

Spray paint what sealer do you use on spray paint art?

If you mean on top of a spray paiting, just use clear glossy spray paint. Thats what i use as a seal and it works great.

What is the legal age to buy spray paint in Pennsylvania?

You can buy spray paint when you are 18 years old. The law is supposed to protect against the misuse of spray paint by teenagers.

Can you spray paint primed metal with acrylic spray paint?

yes, after you spray it with OTMAN SPRAY PAINT you will need to let it dry completely, then apply a polyurethane coat to protect it unless the manufacturer states it does not need a finishing coat

Can you spray krylon h20 laytex paint over acrylic spray paint?


How do you stop spray paint from eating styrofoam?

You have to use design center spray paint

How can you get your lacrosse head multicolor?

paint it