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No unless the ball lands in the touchdown

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โˆ™ 2011-12-18 22:23:25
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Q: Can you slide into a touchdown?
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What part of speech is touchdown?

Touchdown is a noun.

Can you kick a touchdown?

Yes you can kick a touchdown. By kicking an onside kick recover it and return it for a touchdown.

Who is the only NFL player to pass for a touchdown rush for a touchdown and return a punt for a touchdown?

Jim Brown

What is the kick after a touchdown called?

Extra point or PAT (point after touchdown) :3

What is a TAP in football?

point after touchdown point after touchdown

Who made the best touchdown?

is there a way to have a "best" touchdown

Can a coach challenge a touchdown that was not ruled a touchdown?


Can you loose touchdown points for touchdown celebration?


How big is the touchdown how long and how wide?

The touchdown is 10 yards big and the touchdown is 30 feet wide!!! BY!!! AWESOME ANSWER BY ME!!!!!!!! :)

How many points are recived from a touchdown?

You get 6 points for a touchdown.

What is the difference between a touchdown and an extra point in football?

touchdown = 6 points extra point is 1 point but comes after a touchdown

Has any NFL player thrown a touchdown pass caught a touchdown pass and rushed for a touchdown?

Joe Flacco against the Raiders

How many points is a touchdown in the NFL?

Six points are scored for a touchdown.

What is the most touchdown passes in a NCAA game?

27 touchdown passes

How do you spell touchdown?

That is the correct spelling of "touchdown" (a football scoring play).

What is the duration of Mickey's Touchdown?

The duration of Mickey's Touchdown is 1080.0 seconds.

Is an extra point a touchdown?

No. The extra point is what a team attempts after scoring a touchdown.

When was Mickey's Touchdown created?

Mickey's Touchdown was created on 1933-10-14.

What is the touchdown area called?

The area in football that you score a touchdown is called the endzone.

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana throw?

he had 200 touchdown passes in his career

Has joe Montana ran a 96 yard touchdown?

No but he ran a 94 yard touchdown

Is touchdown a noun?

Yes, the word touchdown is a noun; a singular, common, compound noun.

Does nfl kick extra point after touchdown in overtime?

No the game is over when the touchdown is scored.

Who threw the first touchdown pass in the NFL?

Who threw the first NFL touchdown pass

Who got the first ever touchdown?

This answer is uncertain, because the first touchdown was not recorded. Also no one ever gave any thought of recording the first touchdown of the NFL.