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If you want to be legally allowed to sell replica jerseys, you must be authorized by the owners, once you get the licenses, you can sell such jerseys on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere, even you can sell it in your offline stores. Selling without permission, you will be not allowed by every e-commerce platform when you attempt to sell such products online, of course, your offline store will also be closed if you sell it directly .

In fact, the cost of obtaining brand authorization is very expensive and difficult for the most sellers, so they sell replica jerseys directly, ignoring infringement issues. They will not choose to open an offline to sell store because the risk is high and the police will trouble them, online sale has become their main method. As we all know, Amazon, eBay and other platforms crack down on infringement, if you upload replicas or counterfeit jerseys on it, your store will be removed and your money will be frozen quickly. Selling on your own replicas and counterfeit jerseys e-commerce website is the only feasible way for you to do it, that is to say, building one replicas e-commerce jerseys website is the only effective method for you to do this thing without problems, for example, e-commerce websites like the ones below.

You must clearly declare to your buyer that this is a replica jersey on your website, not an authentic one, otherwise, you are deceiving your customers that will cause dispute.

If the customer clearly knows that this is a replica jersey and still purchases it, that is their own will. At this point, the entire process is not only about selling infringing jerseys, but also a deal. What you can do is to ensure the quality of your jersey is excellent, do a good job in after-sales service, and there's nothing else.

We all know that after one website is created, you needs to promote it to attract customers to make purchases, for example, promote your website through Facebook.

Also, you can not do this thing well without the aid of the “cloak” tool.

Anyway, having a replica jersey e-commerce website is your first step in doing this thing.

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yes you can, but you need to create one replica soccer jersys e-commerce website to do this thing.

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Q: Can you sell replica soccer jerseys in Australia?
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