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Sure, it just depends on the location and your depth, because some bodies of water don't have turtles and they are at a certain depth.

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Q: Can you see sea turttles when some scuba diving?
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Why does the red sea have some of the best scuba diving in the world?

The red sea has the best scuba diving in the world because of the sink boats and tanks to build up the reef.

What Air is used for scuba diving?

Normal pressurized air is used for scuba diving. However, you can get mixed gases for SCUBA diving such as Nitrox, which is mixed gases of nitrogen and oxygen. This is used by deep sea diving, but it takes special training.

Some places that you scuba dive?

a great place to scuba dive is Egypt also dubi and turkey there also scuba diving sessions at sea life centres everywhere too.

Why do you go scuba diving?

Personally, I go scuba diving to get lobsters, to spear fish, and to see marine life in the sea. It is a fascinating sport with several rewards.

Where can one purchase men's wristwatches for scuba diving?

The best place to purchase a men's wristwatch for scuba diving would be at a local sports or deep sea diving equipment store. Also, these watches can be bought from Amazon.

What is meant by discover local diving?

discovering scuba diving in the local vicinity. this could be diving underwater in fresh water, sea water or fresh water cavern diving

Deaths a year by deep sea diving?

Approximately 18 people a year die on average engaging in recreational scuba diving.

Where are you if you are Scuba diving off your boat south of Alabama and east of Mexico?

You are in the Caribbean Sea.

Can you give me a sentence for ocean?

On Monday I went to the sea/ocean. I went scuba diving

What are some popular sea games?

Some popular games to play in the sea are scuba diving, swimming, and surfing. These games are games that can only be played in the water. So these would be fun and good to play in the sea.

What scuba diving equipment is required for a deep sea dive?

There are many available options for deep sea diving scuba equipment. You will need a breathing apparatus, diving suit, gloves, boots, a safety helmet, a depth gauge, compass and depending on your depth, a cage for protection against predators. I would contact a sports shop specializing in scuba gear for a complete list.

Does Egypt have an ocean to go scuba diving in?

Yes, two of them. It borders on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Do sea turttles use camoufloug?


If you go scuba diving will you see the titanicundear the sea?

NO! it is 13 thousand feet deep

How does scuba diving affect the creatures fish ETC in the sea?

It affects their usual feeding and breeding behaviours

Do your eyes hurt under the sea?

Of course they hurt under the sea, unless you're scuba diving, or got goggles on, or eyes closed.

Is deep sea diving the same as scuba diving?

Not necessarily. It just depends on what someone means. Scuba diving is only when you use a scuba tank or cylinder that a diver carries. Deep commercial divers will often get their breathing gas supplied to them through a long umbilical hose ... so they are attached and do not carry Self Contained equipment that they can swim with like a SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) diver.

What eats sea turttles?


What does the sea grape look like?

Purple, VERY juicy, on a blueish / green tangle on the plant This is my info. after I collected some when scuba diving in the deeps

What is the best season for scuba diving?

Scuba diving in Negril will astonish you with a lot of spots with dynamic reefs. once inside, “you’ll be welcomed by seeing shocking, bright reef walls. You’ll find a workable pace coral head, delicate gorgonians, and purple ocean fans”, says our scuba divers. Higher over the reef, dark dungeons and blue and darker Chromis can be seen swimming about. One Love Scuba offers you the Complete guide to Scuba diving in Negril.One Love Scuba welcomes you to experience and explores the wonders of the deep-sea of the beautiful Caribbean in Negril, Jamaica. Come scuba dive in Negril, with the most vibrant coral reef, and nicest dive centers with one of our guided shore dives. The world-renowned & spectacular Seven Mile Beach can be experienced with our scuba diving tour. Negril has a plethora of spots to discover. Scuba Diving with ‘One Love Scuba’ should be on your top 10 list of activities during your stay in Negril. Scuba dive, or deep-sea diving’ as it is famously known in these parts, is a game comprising of discovering the underwater world utilizing Self-Containing Underwater Breathing Apparatus & Jamaica is your perfect destination for scuba diving.For more info visit - onelovescuba_com/

Which country would l be in if l was scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef?

Well, you's be in the sea off Australia

Good and bad effects of scuba diving?

BAD EFFECT: from scuba diving you can get the bend, it is something where your bones get bend when you come above the sea. If you are lucky you get taken to the Hospital and they try to make you better with giving you the right amount of oxygen. But most of the people just die of the bend.

Why don't whales get the bends?

in order to get the bends you have to be breathing compressed gasses, like from a SCUBA. tank or a deep sea diving compressor

Where is the best place to scuba dive?

The major areas for scuba diving in the world are generally considered to be the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, and the Caribbean. There are also some great scuba destinations at the archipelagos of Galapagos, Fiji, Hawaii, and the Maldives. Finally these smaller destinations are particularly famous for their spectacular diving: Cocos Island, Palau and Chuuk. In the US, Florida Keys and the coast off North Carolina is recommended.

Discover local diving participants must have proof of certification as an entry-level scuba diver or higher?

Yes the diver must already have a diving qualification to take part in a discover local diving. Otherwise they could parting in a discover scuba diving with requires no previous training and should involve a confined water session followed by an optional sea dive. Noeleen Aquanauts Plymouth