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yes you can

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Q: Can you see an lion on an Aston Villa football badge?
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The Aston villa badge?

The new Aston Villa badge was launched at the end of the 2006/07 season and features the heraldic emblem "a lion rampant", the club motto "Prepared", the abbreviated name of the club, "AVFC" and a single white star to represent their European Cup win of 1982.

Why is the lion the mascot for Aston Villa?

The Rampant Lion of Scotland has been the hallmark of the Aston Villa crest, thanks to the influence of Scottishmen William McGregor & George Ramsay.

What does the Aston Villa logo look like?

Aston Villa Football Club is a professional football team in Birmingham. Images of the team's logo can be viewed on Google Images. The logo is a crest with a blue background and a yellow lion in the foreground. The letters AVFC are featured on the top of the crest and the team's motto "Prepared" is at the bottom.

Why is there a lion on the Scotland football badge?

The rampant lion on the badge is from the royal arms of Scotland.

What animal is featured on the badge of the EPL club Chelsea?

The animal featured on the badge of the Chelsea Football Club is a lion. The lion is standing upright, looking backwards, and holding a staff. The lion on the badge is blue.

Is the logo on the Netherlands soccer jersey a lion or a griffin?

The Netherlands badge is a lion.

What does the Wizard of Oz give the cowardly lion?

the badge of Courage

What is the lion holding in the Chelsea badge?

In 1960 the club crest first appeared as a badge on the shirt. The main element was a standing blue lion looking backwards, taken from the arms of the then President Viscount Chelsea. The lion was holding a staff which is a link to the Abbots of Westminster who were former Lords of the Manor of Chelsea

What did lion get from Wizard of Oz?

A badge, signifying his courage, in battling wicked witches.

Who is the players in football in spanish?

lion messi

Which football clubs have a lion on their logo?


What logo is a circle with a lion?

englands football kit logo

How many Detroit lion coaches were ex football players?


Which English football player was known as the lion of Vienna?

Nat Lofthouse

Who was the Mascot for the Football world cup organised in 2006?

A lion named Goleo.

What was the 1st Chelsea Football Club crest?

It was a different lion with the alphabets C.F.C on it.

What year did the Arrow of Light become the highest rank in Cub Scouting?

When the Cub Scouts was first established in 1930 the three ranks were Wolf, Bear and Lion. In 1941 the WEBELOS badge was added for 10 year old boys who had finished the Lion badge (it went by age then - not school year as we do it today). Its symbol was what we now use for the Arrow of Light. In 1967 the Lion Rank was dropped and the 10 year old Cubs were known as WEBELOS. The badge still looked like our Arrow of Light. Around 1972 they changed the name of the WEBELOS rank badge to the Arrow of Light. The five ranks as we know them today, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear , WEBELOS, and Arrow of Light were established in in 1978.

What does the logo for the Chelsea Football Club look like?

The newest logo for the Chelsea Football Club is blue, red, and white and has a lion in the center. The lion appears to be holding a staff of some sort. There is also two small symbols on each side of the logo.

Who had a regimental badge with crossed flags and a crown above what looks like a lion laid down at the bottom and a 'fleur de lys' in the middle?

The size of the badge may be helpful. If it is small, this could be a collar brass or a specialty badge worn on the sleeve. For example, some in the Signal Corps wore a brass crossed flags on the sleeve, I believe. I will search some references.

What does the Wizard when presenting the Lion with a badge of courage in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

That the Lion now is a member of the Legion of Courage is what the Wizard says when presenting the Lion with a badge of courage in "The Wizard of Oz."Specifically, this incident takes place in the beloved 1939 film version, but not in the original 1900 book edition, of "The Wizard of Oz." The Wizard says that avoiding danger is not cowardly and that the Lion lacks, not courage, but a medal for bravery against wicked witches. He therefore awards him with the Triple Cross of "meritorious conduct, extraordinary valor, conspicuous bravery" against the Wicked Witch of the West.

What animal appears on scotland football shirts?

It is a gold lion with a blue tongue and blue claws.

What does Tasmanias Flag Look Like?

The Tasmanian flag was adopted the 25th of September on 1876. It has two distinct symbols: The Union Flag; that contains a British defaced blue design located on the fly, and the State Badge; which's got a state badge of a red lion on a white disk.

What is the history of the parachute regiment cap badge?

The cap badge of the British Parachute Regiment is relatively new as paratroopers did not exist until WW2. So it is a new design that has no historical tradition as common with many of the British regiments. One source I have says the badge was approved in May 1943. The badge is a simple design of Wings with a parachute in the center; the parachute being topped by a King's Crown and a Lion on top of the crown. It has a silver finish.

Australian football Team merged in1996?

the Brisbane bears and the fitzroy lion merged in June 1996

Why are there three lions on England Cricket badge?

The three lions symbol has been a traditional emblem of England since the time of Richard the Lionheart who used it as his emblem. Today it appears on the Royal Coat of Arms. When the England cricket team was formed the three lion design was an obvious choice as a symbol which represented the country. It also appears on the England football (soccer) team shirt.