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Theoretically if you had your own gear, including tank of air, you can dive anywhere that's got water but it's not recommended unless you know the dive site.

If you don't have a licence, a dive centre should not allow you to dive. They can take you out on a "discover Scuba diving" dive. This will be to a maximum of 12m.

If you are qualified but have forgotten or lost your cert card, they can look you up on the pro website.

If not qualified with at least PADI scuba diver cert, no one should let you dive. If they do, I would think twice about the dive operation you are using.

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Q: Can you scuba dive in Mexico without a license?
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Can you Scuba dive for lobsters in New Hampshire?

Yes, you can if you have a lobster license. You can get one easily. However, after a certain amount, you need a commercial license. If you can find a pond or lake with them, you can dive for them with a license.

How deep can a child scuba dive?

The depth to which a child can scuba dive depends on several factors, including their age, physical development, training, and the specific guidelines and regulations set by scuba diving organizations. Most scuba diving training agencies, such as PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), set a minimum age for scuba diving. For introductory or Junior Open Water Diver certifications, the minimum age is typically 10 years old. However, the depth to which a child can dive is often limited compared to adults. Junior divers are usually restricted to shallower depths, often up to 40 feet (12 meters) or 60 feet (18 meters), depending on the specific certification agency. It's crucial for children to receive proper training and supervision while scuba diving to ensure their safety. Additionally, parents or guardians should always adhere to the guidelines and restrictions set by the certifying agency and local regulations. These guidelines are in place to minimize the risks associated with diving, especially considering the unique physiological considerations of children.

What legal requirements do you need to scuba dive?

There are no legal requirements to scuba dive. In other words, anyone can scuba dive without breaking a law (assuming you are not doing an illegal underwater activity such as illegal fishing). However, if you are not certified, you will not be able to rent or buy equipment or get someone to fill your scuba cylinder.

What can a scuba diver purchase from the Air Hog online shop?

A scuba diver can purchase many things for scuba diving at the Air Hog online shop. They can purchase dive knives, dive lights, dive computers, and dive bags which will help them in scuba diving.

Can you scuba dive if you have the contraceptive implant?

You can scuba dive if you have the contaceptive implant. There are no activity restrictions associated with this method.

What is it cald when you scuba dive in a underwater cave?

scuba diving

What states can you go scuba diving in?

You can scuba dive in any state

Where can you scuba dive in Florida?

you can scuba dive anywhere in Florida. google scuba diving locations to find a place near you. the most popular place is the keys. i would suggest you travel farther south in the Caribbean to dive.

Can you scuba dive in Rome?

No you cannot.

Who would scuba-dive with a cat?


Do you have to be a certain weight or body type to be a scuba diver?

No, you don't need a certain body type to scuba dive. Because you use flippers to SCUBA dive, you can be a very lousy swimmer and learn to SCUBA dive. You may look stupid with a very tight wet suit during scuba diving, but you can dive. When I got certified, I learned that you have a very slightly higher chance of the Bends during scuba diving, but this is a small percentage. The pros of scuba diving outweigh the cons.

Some places that you scuba dive?

a great place to scuba dive is Egypt also dubi and turkey there also scuba diving sessions at sea life centres everywhere too.