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Yes, if when it is on their side they miss the ball, or they hit the net, go under the net, over the net, or toe over during a play.

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Q: Can you score a point when receving the serve in volleyball?
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Can you score on the other teams serve?

No, you can only score on your serve. If you are referring to volleyball.

How does a team score points during volleyball game?

each serve has one point as in table tennis........

What are 6 ways to score a point in volleyball?

A kill, a serve, a free ball, a push, a block, and a tip.

How is volleyball scored?

There are two ways in which volleyball scored. The first way is a game up to 15, where you only receive a point when you score it when your team has the serve. You must first win the serve, and then if you score again, you win a point. If you lose that point, the other team wins the serve back and can now score a point. The more accepted way is called rally score. Every time the ball hits the floor the team that wins the point is awarded the point. the game is up to 25 and you must win by 2.

What is a rally score in volleyball?

Rally scoring is today's scoring in volleyball. It gives the point and serve to the team who won the rally, no matter which team served the ball.

Does a team have to serve in order to score points in regular scoring volleyball?

Not any more. It used to be that you had to serve to make a point, but that isn't so any more.

What are the 6 ways that you can score a point in volleyball?

A missed serve (out of bounds) When the other team does not return the ball No return after 3 hits

What is the object of the game for volleyball?

The object of the game is to serve the ball over the net and touch the floor on the other side to score a point. If you serve the volleyball over the net and it hits the floor inside of the boundary lines- its called an ace.

Can you attack a serve in Volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to attack or block a serve in volleyball. If you did, you would give a point to the other team.

What is the new scoring system in volleyball?

There are two scoring systems in volleyball: rally score and traditional score. Rally score is when a point is given to a team each time the play ends. For example, if the opposing team misses a serve or a hit, the point would go to our team. In traditional scoring, the serving team may only receive a point if they score. If they don't score, no point is administered the opposing team has the same opportunity when they serve. Rally scoring is a faster pace of scoring, while traditional score is more focused on earning points.

How do you say the score in volleyball?

you say it after you serve but you say yor scor first

What are 6 ways that you caan score a point in volleyball?

A tip A kill A serve A free ball A push A block Making the ball hit the floor

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