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no. Any shot is not called a field goal. richard doesnt know anything

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Q: Can you score a field goal in the opponents basket?
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What are ten facts about soccer?

1. you have to score in the opponents goal with anything but your hands

Where on a lacrosse court can a player score a goal?

A player can score a goal anywhere on the lacrosse field.

Why does a basket count for 2 points?

A basket that counts for 2 points is also known as a field goal, the player is closer to the basket than the three-point line. In December of 1891, Canadian Dr. James Naismith created the game and score system.

Why did field goal score points change?

because 1 field goal is 5 points

Can you make a goal by a goal kick and it count?

A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opponents. You cannot score an own-goal directly from a goal kick.

In the NFL can you score on a blocked field goal?

Both the offense and defense can score on a blocked field goal. The defense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it regardless of where they recover it. The offense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it as long as the ball has not passed the original line of scrimmage.

Who score a field goal about 60 yards?


Which basketball term is defined as a another name for a basket or field goal?


What is the proper name for a 2 point basket in basketball?

Field goal (I think)

What is minimum amount of time needed to score a field goal?

In basketball is possible to score a field goal in less than one second. There have been cases of scored field goals of that time after an inbound pass.

How do you score a football game?

you get a touchdown. Or you get a field goal or a safety.

Who are the players that score goals in Lacrosse?

The most common people who score goals in lacrosse, are people who play the attack position. They are stationed on the opponents side of the field, ready to receive pass and cannon a shot into the goal. Midfielders(also known as Middies) are also very common scorers in Lacrosse. They can run anywhere on the field, but they start in the middle. They are not always near the opponents goal, so it is less often that they score. Also, It is not a middies main job to score, but it is an attack player's main job to score. There is one more player that can score, and that is the goalie. The goalie is allowed to run across the field with the ball and score. This is a very risky move though. Because if an opposing player steals the ball from the goalie, they could run to the goalie-free net and pop it in. So that is the lineup for the players that score goals in lacrosse.