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Q: Can you score a basket when you are out of bounds if you throw the ball on the court and it goes in without making contact with a player?
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Can you score a basket when you are out of bounds and throw the ball on the court and it goes in without making contact with a player?

As stated, no. The ball would be considered out of play.

What is the closest you can get to making a goal in basketball?

The closest you can get is, actually making it. The closest you could get without making a basket would have to be, after shooting the ball, it swirls/bounces inside the basket on the rim, then pops out.

What are the release dates for Indian Basket Making - 1909?

Indian Basket Making - 1909 was released on: USA: 16 November 1909

What do they call making a basket in basketball?

A "basket" (score) is called a goal or a field goal.

What are the examples for cottage industries in India?

basket making and texile making

How can batter reach first without making contact?

base on balls, or hit by pitch.

What were Apache Indian hobbies?

basket-making and beadwork

What is the major contribution of Anasazi?

basket making, pottery

What do they do in the coastal plain nc?

basket making, and fishing

What force is applied to something without making contact with the object?

Gravitational force or magnetic force.

Do you capitalize Easter Basket?

Yes, because Easter is a proper noun but is being used to describe basket, making basket a proper noun as well.

What is Dat-So-La-Lee famous for?

Basket making.

What is an air kiss?

An air kiss is a gesture in which the lips are pursed as if kissing someone, but without making contact.

What has the author Annie Firth written?

Annie Firth has written: 'Cane basket work' -- subject(s): Basket making

Why is a back board used in basketball?

better chance of making a basket

What is the willow used in basket making?

It's "osier" -- happy puzzling!

What are the traditional occupations of Bahrain?

the traditional occupations are basket making,pottery making,pearl diving and fishing.

What has the author Karen L Feiden written?

Karen L. Feiden has written: 'Basket weaving' -- subject(s): Basket making

When was Making Contact - album - created?

Making Contact - album - was created in 1982-08.

What is the best basket to use when making an eco friendly basket?

The best basket to use when making an eco friendly basket is one that is made from natural,organic, or recycled products. If the company that make the basket is apart of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition you can be confident that the basket is made according to the highest Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) or Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) levels. Make sure that the company gives back to the enviroment by supporting conservation.

Can a team call a time out after making a basket?

Once a basket is scored, as long as it is done before the other team can start the throwing motion!!

When was Making Contact - radio program - created?

Making Contact - radio program - was created in 1994.

What is a hoop and a harm?

Like "And one," it is a slang term for making a basket when fouled.

How many points does a team get for making a basket inside the arc?

Two Points.

What was the name of the branch used starting with the letter O in basket making?