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yes, you can. You just have to find the right parts.

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Q: Can you scope and upgrade the alpha black with any other tippmann parts?
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Does tippmann 16'' sniper barrel for 98 custom fit alpha black?

Yes, all 98 threaded barrels fit: model 98 98 custom alpha black/ bravo one project salvo/ tango one carver one They will NOT fit: tippmann A5 Tippmann X7/ phenom TPX pistol tippmann prolite spyders or any other companies

Tippmann a5 or x7 and bravo one or alpha black?

The A5 Is the best out of these mentioned, even wi price considered. It is the same price as a alpha black (bravo one in canada) and a cyclone feed, but is easier to take apart, has more upgrades available, has a tombstone adapter instead of the plug or screw in vertical adapter. The X7 (non Phenom) is just the A5 with more plastic parts for more money. The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a superior marker to all other Tippman's because of its Spool valve and ability to work semi automatically without a battery and fully automatic with a battery.

Do the tippmann 98 custom barrels work with the tippmann Alpha Black or Is there some other type of barrel to use?

yes my 98c flatline works fine on mt AB, but the flatline cover doesnt fit cuz of the carrying handle lol. you can also buy barrel adaptors for things loke spyder barrels, or dye. and i think smart parts works on all guns but im not sure about that one

Where is a good place to purchase Tippman Paintball Gear?

One of the most obvious places to purchase Tippmann Paintball Gear is on the official website. However, more deals can be found on other sites, such as: Tippmann Pros, Tippmann Parts, and Paintball Online.

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What can you upgrade in Assassins Creed brotherhood?

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Should you get a alpha black tactical with egrip paintball gun?

98Shooter: I wouldn't recommend anything from the US Army series. Some of Tippmann's less desirable work, though they look cool the distance isn't near other guns. My 98 Custom outdistances it 6/10. If you are looking for woodsball i wouldn't recommend it, and i don't play speedball so i couldn't tell you for that.

Which one is better alpha black or Carver one?

They are the same gun, except for the carry handle, body look and number of rails. Neither is better, unless you want the carry handle (alpha black) or rails (carver one) There are literally no advantages to either over the other.

What is a synonym for 'upgrade'?

Upgrade bring up to modernise or to improve technical specificationenhanceenhancementImproveSome other words for upgrade include:rate higheracclivityascentclimbrise

What is the best tippmann paintball gun?

The Tippman x7 Phenom is the best of all of them. It is the only Tippmann with a spool valve, and can switch from auto with battery, to semi without. All of the other markers are just the 98 with a cyclone feed and a different outer shell.

How much does a Tippmann paintball gun cost?

The Tippmann paintball gun can be purchased from JustPaintball for å£399.00 for the Phenom E-Grip or å£119.95 for the Bravo One. Other models can be purchased for fgures in between these 2 amounts, depending on the specifications you require.

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