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Q: Can you ride a bmx with a 12t cassette and a 25t sprocket?
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What does 25t mean when talking about a bike sprocket?

25t means that there is 25 of the little spikey teeth on the outside of the sprocket :]

Can you put a 25t sprocket on a 13t back wheel?

if you mean your gonna have a 25t chain wheel and a 13t rear sprocket then go for it, I'm about to do it.

What size freewheel do you need for a 25t sprocket?

A nine tooth sprocket is a great combination

Can you put a 25t sprocket on a mongoose logo 2010?

yes it has a 26t sprocket

Is a small sprocket better than a big sprocket on a bike?

it would depend on whither you are riding on a mountain bike or something that wont be doing stunts or a bmx or dmr. for mountain bike it probably will not matter whither it is big or not however for bmx or dmr it would be a good idea to have a smaller one as when at skate parks eg. you where going to drop into a bowl that is quite steep if you have a big on then the chances are it is going to hit the coping (top of edge) and maybe fall off. also if you are thinking of getting a smaller sprocket you will need to get a smaller cassette but don't guess how big the cassette should be for a sprocket just take it to a bike shop and they should be able to tell you. for a smaller sprocket i would recommend a 25t to 30t,, the 25t will have to have about an 8 or 9 tooth cassette. hope all of this helps took me a while to type out anyway :P!!

Does a 25t sprocket fit a 2 piece?

Yes, and 3 piece cranks.

Does a 25t sprocket fit a 3 piece?

Yes Pretty much all 3 piece cranks should fit any sprocket you buy for them.

What does a 25t sprocket do?

It's lighter. It's also less chance your sproket will get caught on the coping

Is a 25t sprocket big?

i wouldn't say its big but a 22sprocket is the smallest you can get from gtrider

Verde eon which has a 32t sprocket if you wanted to buy a smaller sprocket 25t what else do you have to buy?

if you are looking for a 25t sprocket then you need a 9t rear driver other wise it going to feel like you a pedaling forever and not going anywhere there are websites or just look online for proper bmx gearing ratio's also you may need spacers for your cranks

What kind of sprocket do you want for a small bicycle chain?

well if you have a 8 tooth rear driver you will need a 23t sprocket, if u have a 9 tooth rear driver you will need a 25t sprocket, if u have a 10 tooth rear driver you will need a 28t sprocket, and if you have a 11 tooth rear driver you will need a 30t sprocket

For your bmx bike im getting a 25t sprocket and what size chain do you need?

Go for a SS (singlespeed) chain. It measures 1/8"

Is a 25t sprocket better than 32t?

That's like asking if a size 10 shoe is better than a size 11. You need one that fits, that's all, what size it is isn't that important. I'm assuming here that you are talking about a BMX, and the sprocket by the pedals, and that you're planning to keep the "driver"/rear sprocket. If you feel that you're too slow off the start, then going from 32T to 25T will make you quicker to get going. The downside is that with the 25T you will lose a bit of top speed on account of not being able to spin the pedals any faster. If you think you'rfe doing OK from standstill, then replacing the sprocket will make you slower w/o anything good to trade for it.

So I bent the sprocket on my bike 09 HARO F2 now I am looking at a 25t sprocket but the problem is i only have about 80 dollars for both parts and I dont know what size driver or freewheel i need?

If the driver/freewheel isn't too badly worn you can keep using it even if you replace the sprocket.

How big is sprocket on wethepeople arcade 2010?

25T 9T rear driver ive got one orders for x-max its coming in about 70 days :|

What size half chain link do you need if you get a 25t sprocket?

Half links only come in two sizes, 1/8" and 3/32". Which one you need is determined by which chain you're running. Depending on which sprocket you had before a half link may not be enough.

What size half chain link do you need if i get a 25t sprocket?

The chain length needed is determined by chainring size, sprocket size and the design of your frame. There's no way of saying that you'll need from the sprocket alone. On top of that there isn't much to choose from when it comes to half links. They are all of the same length and in width there are two options 1/8" or 3/32". You need one the same width of your chain.

What size wheel do you need for a 25t sprocket?

I'm assuming you're talking about a BMX here, which use the words a bit different from the rest of the cycling world.So it's the size/tooth count of the freewheel that you're asking about.And then it's just as much about what you want as what you need.When you change the sprocket/freewheel size you change the gear ratio.A big sprocket and a small freewheel lets you go fast, but you'll have to push harder.A bigger freewheel will cost you some top speed, but will make it easier to get the bike moving.A very common combo is 25t front and a 9t rear.

What length chain goes with a 25t sprocket 9t driver set up?

There's no way of telling, as chain length is decided by frame size (=chain stay length) + driver + sprocket tooth count. Chains are always sold a few links too long, and are then cut to size when they're installed on the bike. If you're doing this yourself, get a chainbreaker tool. For what they cost, they can sure save you a lot of swearing.

What size chain do you need foe a 25t chainwheel?

The chain length needed is determined by chainring size, sprocket size and the design of your frame. There's no way of saying that you'll need from the sprocket alone. Chains are pretty much always bought a tad too long and then cut to length during asssembly on bike.There isn't much to choose from when it comes to chain width for single-speeds, they're either 1/8" or 3/32" with 1/8" being the most common.

What is the factor expression of 6t2 plus 25t plus 11?

(2t + 1)(3t + 11)

Is a haro partial 20 compatible with a 25t 9t gearing?

yes it is I have one. and i love it. yes it is I have one. and i love it.

How do you solve 0 equals -16t squared plus 25t plus 6?

oh my god, that was the exact homework i had few days ago, but you have to have a calculator to do this. just plug in the numbers in the but ton Y=, one column you put-16t squared plus 25t plus 6 then the next column you put 0. the graph should form a parabola.

How do you solve 6t squared plus 25t plus 11?

6t2+25+11 = (3t+11)(2t+1) when factored Use the quadratic equation formula.

How do you calculate investment amount that compounds quarterly?

The quarterly compound interest of a principle can be given by A=P(1+(r/n))^.25t. Here P is the principle, A is the amount and t is the time taken.