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Yes, but you need a special base plate.

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2012-12-16 01:27:52
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Q: Can you put union snowboard bindings on a Burton snowboard?
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Can you put Burton ICS stiletto bindings on a Burton EST snowboard?

No, you need EST bindings for those boards. Look on for ones that fit. My GF just got the new Lexa EST Bindings and likes them a lot so far.

Can you use flow bindings on a Burton custom flying v snowboard?

yes flow is the best brand for bindings in the industry at this time. for the most part you can put any bindings on any board, doesnt matter the company or brand.

On snowboard how can you change the bindings from goofy to regular footed?

You put the lime in the coconut. That's how.

On your Burton snowboard how can you change the bindings from regular to goofy footed?

take the front binding, turn it 180 degrees and put it on the rear mount, then take the back binding rotate 180 degrees and mount it on the front.... it's very easy because there aren't any special left- or right-footed parts

Can you put flow bindings on any kind of snowboard?

yea you can. but i don't because last time i did that it didn't work out but i did use them on a k2 so that could be the prob. it just depends on the board and personal preference

Can you put bindings from another pair of skis onto a newer pair?

Yes, but if you can afford either new skis or new bindings, get the new bindings because they'll keep you safer on the slopes.

Do you where shoes in bindings on a wakeboard?

No, shoes are not worn with wakeboard bindings. Most wakeboard bindings are designed to be very snug fitting and can only really be put on with bare feet covered in special lube (or washing up liquid).

How can you get better at snowboarding without actually going?

Get a tall stool and a snowboard then put the snowboard on the stool, stand on top of snowboard and balance and twist around a little act like your really outside.

What do you need when going snowboarding?

Simply put, a waterproof coat and waterproof pants, boots, bindings, goggles, a beanie (or something to keep your head warm) gloves and a snowboard. Long thick socks are recommended to keep your feet and legs warm, and prevent your feet from hurting (the boots are very hard and uncomfortable).

What snowboard size is recommended for me I am 5'11 and 130 lb's I have a 153 snowboard and I like jibbing you think this is fine?

Fine yes but put on some weight man!

How do you have fun in snow with your best friend?

That's kinda easy.. Do a snowballfight, and if you have a skateboard, remove the wheels, so that its a snowboard. Well you cant snowboard on a flatt surface, i know, that's why you need to do this: get a plastic sail, and put it on the snow. then put a great amount of snow on the sail, so that you can't see it anymore. Then take a garden whose and put some water on the snow, wait an houre, and you have a little place to snowboard, or just lay on your belly on the snowboard and slide...

What equipment is needed for snow boarding?

Snowboarding equipment you can put into multiple sets, Snowboard and misc, Clothing, and protection. For snowboard and misc you will need a snowboard, A pair of bindings (witch fit onto the snowboard you want) and a pair of snowboarding shoes. For clothing depending on the area you are in you should look for water resistance and or cold resistance, if you like you can get a pair of thermal underwear, also the main difference between snowboarding boots and jackets is that they fit way looser than those of skiers, and soks are important For protection (is optional but highly advisable): a helmet, some sort of but protection (trust me some soft fabric will relief a lot of pain) knee protection (same here) wrist guards, and a back protector.

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