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Q: Can you put pro XL parts on pro frame bmx?
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How do you make a custom BMX?

Buy a BMX frameset and put your own selection of components on it.Switch parts out for rarer, more expensive parts, have it repainted.

Can you put a thicker tire on a bmx?

Depends on what's already on there, what's available, and how much clearance the bike has at the fork and frame.

What does all stock mean when talking about a bmx bike?

Means that it still has all the parts and only those parts that the manufacturer put on there. Nothing has been added or replaced.

What holds the handlebars on a BMX bike?

It´s the Stem, it holds the bars and match with the frame with the help of a headset.

Were is Alans bmx?

Where ever he put it last.

What are the main parts of a car frame?

i have no clue, but this is for school, and i need to find something to put REALLY quickly.

How to put a whipper snipper on a BMX?

duck tape

How do you grind on a bmx bike?

put my mum on the seat and grind

You have an ABD bmx rear wheel that came fully assembled on an ABD 720 bmx bike can you replace the hub in it with a federal freecoaster hub?

Yes you can.... you can put any hub, spoke, and rim combinations together...maybe a few ecceptions but you can deffinetly do that... just bring the parts to your local shop and have them lace it.

How do you put a 9 tooth back wheel sprocket on a bmx?

change out the hub

Can you do a endo on a bmx?

Pull your front brake or put your foot in the backk of the tire.

Can you drill holes into a brake-less BMX frame to attach brakes?

Technically yes but I really wouldn't recommend it, I don't remember what company makes them but I know you can buy little clamp attachments to put a rim brake on bikes without bosses.