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Yes, you can use any head besides the STX duel head. If the head you use is too big for the shaft, put tape on the shaft until the head fits snug. If it is too big for the head, head the throat of the head with a blow dryer and slide the head on.

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Q: Can you put other heads on a gait ice shaft than only gait heads?
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Is there different gait ice lacrosse shaft?

no there is only the 803

What is the lightest gait lacrosse shaft for attack Can you put a link and exact weight?

Gait db803 or db803 ICE. They are both supremacy light, and the only difference is the texture of the ICE. Sides that they are virtually the same

Does the brine E3 fit on the warrior maverick wonder boy?

Yes, all heads fit on all shafts, unless you have a Gait with a 10 degree offset head in which case only the TOS heads work on those

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Can any lacrosse head fit on a stx scti shaft?

Any head will fit on any shaft. But if you but a head on a shaft that is a different brand than the shaft, you may need to drill a new hole into the shaft. The only exceptions are the STX Crankshaft shafts which need certain heads.

Can the brine rocket head fit on a maverik wonderboy lacrosse shaft?

any mens head can fit on any mens shaft. i put warrior, brine and gait heads on STX and harrow shafts all the time. the only thing that is different between different brands is where the screw hole is located but alot of people just tape their heads on their shafts anyway. i however are one of those people who like to screw their heads on their shafts but i have found that i can drill a new hole myself by using a 1/8 drill bit. it makes the perfect sized hole for the screw. please add me to your saved sellers on ebay, ihave awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a STX crank shaft 7075?

No. The Crankshaft 7075 only works with specific heads, and a Bionic won't fit right.

If you have 305 heads on a 350 small block and it is board over 40 is your timing still the same?

The timing stays the same. The only thing that changes the timing is when you change the CAM SHAFT.

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