Can you put a double trigger on a basic Tippmann A5?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yes, just simply buy a double trigger and double trigger guard, open up your marker, remove and replace the old trigger and trigger guard.

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Q: Can you put a double trigger on a basic Tippmann A5?
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Can you take off a double trigger from a Tippmann 98 custom and put it on a Tippmann A-5?

No. The trigger assembly for the a5 is set up very different from the 98 custom.

Do you need a e-trigger to put a board on a paintball gun?

An E-trigger is the Tippmann Board, not an actual trigger.

Can you put a response trigger in a tippmann gryphon?

No. None of the kits will fit.

Can You take a stock off a Tippmann 98 Custom and put it on a Tippmann A-5?

No. they have two different receivers.

Can you put a tippmann x7 cyclone hopper on a tippmann 98?

No, the mounting screws are different, it will not fit the 98. There is a 98/USarmy cyclone feed made that will fit.

Can you put an e trigger on an old tippmann 98?

98? or 98 custom? I don't think you can put one on the old 98s or the customs actually there might be a special made e-trigger for the 98 customs but the reason why I say you cant is because if you look at a 98 custom or 98's inside theres no where really for the whole trigger to come off whereas the A5 or X7 the entire trigger system comes off handel, trigger, firing modes, everything its basically half of the back part of the gun coming off

How do you oil a Tippmann A5?

First you want to remove the barrel, tank and hopper. then you need to take out the pins and slide out the rear assembly, as well as disconnecting the tombstone and the trigger assembly. Then you need to put a small amount of oil on all of the o rings, clean out any paint or grease, then reassemble it.

Can you put a scope on a tippmann bravo one gun?

Not unless you get the handle adapter and drill a hole in the carry handle.

How do you change the paddles in an tippmann a5?

You unscrew the screw on top of them, drop in the new ones, and put the screw back.

What is the best type of hopper for a tippmann 98 custom?

It depends on the mods you put on it (if any). If it still has all stock parts (no mods) then a 5 dollar hopper is fine as long as it's sturdy. If you put a anything on it to increase the bps (fire rate) such as an e-trigger or a WAS board, then you may want to find a good battery operated cyclone feed hopper.

How to make your trigger finger faster?

Put oil on your controller aka the trigger

Can you put a rocking trigger on the sw1 paintball gun?

no, the rocking trigger was for spyder markers only